How Do You Reuse a Plastic Shower Curtain?

Reader question! Any creative ways to repurpose that old vinyl shower curtain? Please weigh in with your suggestions, and help a Green Baby Guide reader out!

Now that you’ve re-used that old vinyl curtain, how about trying a nice, all natural linen shower curtain?


  1. I love this post for Earth Day! I have used old shower curtains for drop cloths, outdoor toy/furniture covers, and cut up into mats to used for kids art. I soaked them in a vinegar or oxygen cleaner solution to get rid of the mildew and then dried them out in the sun.

    Then we moved into a place with glass shower doors- no curtains needed (but oh how I hate cleaning those glass doors…)

  2. Lisa Elizabeth says

    i still use one as a ground pad for camping. for my tent.

  3. We’ve re-used ours for drop cloths or as a mat under crafts projects that involve paint, glitter glue, or anything else messy (like the potato-print valentines your blog inspired us to make).

    If you still have a baby in a high chair, you could put it under their chair to make after-meal cleanup easier and save your floors.

    And finally–they are GREAT for putting under a blanket for outdoor picnics (or just sitting out in the sun) when the ground is still cool or damp!

  4. i’ll soon be using mine to recover a mini greenhouse. it blew over in the summer and the dog shredded the clear covering. i think our shower curtain liner will work great.

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