When Did You Start Becoming a Green Parent?

My pregnancy moved my thrifty, green tendencies to a whole new level, but people discover this blog at different points in their parenting journeys.  Why are you considering eco-friendly, budget-friendly choices?  Was is economic necessity?  A newfound environmental awareness?  A friend or relative who blazed the trail?  (Rebecca was certainly a huge help for me since we were both pregnant at the same time and she tutored me in cloth diapering, buying used, and reducing purchases.)

Whether you’re just beginning to make frugal, green shifts, or were eco-conscious to begin with , you may want to read our book, The Eco-nomical Baby Guide: Down-to-Earth Ways for Parents to Save Money and the Planet.  Request it at your local library to read it for free or pick up a copy of The Eco-nomical Baby Guide on Amazon for less than ten bucks.  (That’s 60% off the cover price!)

Please share what helped you become a greener, more resourceful parent to inspire the rest of us. And don’t forget that today is the last day to enter our Hygeia EnJoye Professional Grade Breastpump giveaway!


  1. I really started being interested in doing what’s best for my body when I became pregnant. I birthed with a midwife, and she encouraged healthy living at each of my appointments. Healthy living and green living seem to go hand-in-hand, so that’s how I ended up on sites like yours!

  2. I guess I was green before we even conceived (mind you, I could be greener).. but I wanted to do better and better as a mom (heck, that’s what my blog is about). I want my daughter to grow up healthy, with clean air to breathe, nutritious food to eat, and fresh water to drink

  3. Same for me. When I found out I was pregnant and I started really thinking about how EVERY thing I eat, drink, breath affects this tiny growing baby, I knew I needed to change. It has been awesome and I am so happy my little man changed my life in more ways than one!

  4. I’d say I’ve been on the journey since before I was pregnant. For example, we’ve been using Natural Family Planning for 3 years before getting pregnant (on purpose!). We would rather not take drugs which also go in our water supply if not necessary (and hormonal BC is not necessary IMO). I had also switched to menstrual cups instead of tampons/pads, so I was cutting down on waste there. I knew I couldn’t justify disposables once I got pregnant, so I did a ton of cloth diaper research. We’re still getting there in terms of how “green” we are, but it’s like any habit–it takes time to change and baby steps get us there.

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