Let’s Talk about Diaper Sprayers

Even when I was pregnant, I knew I wanted to use cloth diapers. This went hand in hand with my desire to save money, and I became almost obsessed with the idea of spending no more than I possibly had to on diapers and diaper accessories. Suffice it to say, a diaper sprayer is something I lived without–and I survived just fine.

Years later, I have to look back and wonder at my own frugality. Is it possible that twenty dollars here, fifty dollars there might have reduced some of the burden of those early days with a new baby? Take the cloth diaper sprayer, for example. Attach this gizmo to your toilet and use it to spray off those diapers. No more disgusting dunking and swishing! (For the record, I had to dunk and swish under a dozen times during all 2.5 of my diaper-changing years. But it left an impression.)

Here are some of the models available:

Mini-Shower Bidet and Multi-Use Hand Held Sprayer


Metal—nice design. Easy to install.

bumGenius Diaper Sprayer


The Original Diaper Sprayer


Affordable, plastic

Handy Spray Diaper Sprayer


What do you think, readers? Did you live without a diaper sprayer, as I did? Or did you rig one up in your bathroom–revolutionizing your diaper experience?


  1. I’m living without a diaper sprayer. When my daughter had only BF poops, I never prewashed or dunked them- the poop is water soluble and came out in the wash (no stains!). My daughter is 8 months now and poops in the potty pretty consistently. The two poopy diapers I’ve changed in the last 2-3 months I had to dunk since she’s eating solids now. I dunked off as much as I could in the toilet without getting my hands wet, then sprayed the rest off in my tub with my handheld shower head. I wouldn’t want to do that every day (if we weren’t EC-ing) but it works for us!

  2. I found instructions online for making your own. We bought all of the materials, but by that time, my son’s poop had become more “plopable”. We returned the diaper sprayer materials.

    Now, I plop when it’s solid enough. When it’s messy, I use a disposable baby wipe to wipe the solids off the diaper. It’s really not that big of a deal 🙂

  3. I *love* my diaper sprayer! It helps so much to keep stains to a minimum.

  4. i have a hard time imagining diapering without one. my kids have both been a mess and i might have given up were it not for my sprayer.

    ours was around $35 shipped (from an online store that primarily sells bidets for muslims and home health.) we’ve used every day and counting for 3.5 yrs–including myself post-partum. worth every penny.

  5. My husband built one and attached it to the sink, which is right next to the toilet, so it sprays hot water. I don’t have to use it too often, but I’m happy I have one when I need one! But I think we spent closer to $10-$15, not $40.

  6. I too love my diaper sprayer. I have actually uninstalled it and taken it on vacation to visit my parents. I was initially too cheap to buy one once we started solids and that nasty poop, but after a few months of liners I did the math. My son is two and has had maybe a dozen nice plop off poops, the rest always need to be sprayed off.

  7. We only use cloth diapers part-time (well, she wears them all the time, but we catch lots of pees and almost all poops on the potty at 4.5 months – yay!). She’s still only breastfed, so I don’t have any nasty poops to deal with, but I was wondering if I would really want the sprayer eventually. I like that some of the other commenters said they rigged up something for cheaper – never even thought about trying that, but we’re both engineers, so surely we can do it 😉

  8. We recieved the BumGenius diaper sprayer as a shower gift (which we had registered for) and found it to be absolutely necessary. We would have had to dunk, swish, and probably scrape (ew) every poppy diaper my son had for several months. I exclusively breastfed for the first 6 months and didn’t need it until he started solids, but we used it after that and now, he is almost 2 and we are about to re-coonect it in our new house because we do have accidents durring potty training. Even if we didn’t use cloth, I would want one for potty training! Maybe most kids have totally solid poops but my son is not like that, so the diaper sprayer has been a life saver. Without it, I would have given up on cloth at 6 months.

  9. We too have the BumGenious one. We LOVE it! We also have it attached to the sink next to the toilet so it can have hot water. I could not live without my poop sprayer.

  10. Christina says

    Living without here. Also wondering how you’ve swished less diapers during the whole CD experience than I’ve swished this week? I think we need to make some diet changes.
    Swishing is gross. I keep in mind, “I’m a Mom… I have to do gross things sometimes.”

  11. I think maybe at first it might be nice, but even if I had one now, I doubt I’d use it. With my second, I started infant potty training around the time she started solids (before that, breast milk poopy diapers went straight in the pail, no rinsing), so I have had to deal with very few poopy diapers. When I have a nasty poop (that does not roll off the diaper) in a diaper, I hold the prefold by the non-poopy end in the toilet, and flush. Whatever comes off, comes off. Whatever doesn’t, doesn’t. I NEVER EVER put my hand in the toilet water. That grosses me out. I have had to put my hand in the toilet water occasionally b/c something else was thrown in there by a child, and I sure hate it. But not for diapers.

  12. I’ve thought about getting one but I’m too cheap. I’ve gone without one for almost two years now. I don’t have to swish too often, but swishing isn’t that big of a deal to me 🙂

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