DIY Diaper Sprayer for a Lot Less!

Rebecca and I survived years of poopy cloth diapers in our households without the help of a diaper sprayer. Still, if I would have seen this video and learned how to make one for so little, I may have taken the leap! (They’re about $50 on many websites but the do-it-yourself version comes it at less than $20 and takes just 20 minutes to set up!) Do you have a diaper sprayer? Have you yearned for one and felt they were too expensive? Check out this link to the video and you’ll have one for much less in no time at all!

DIY Diaper Sprayer for Less!


  1. I had heard about maing them yourself, but we registered for one and recieved it so we never tried it. I would have if we hadn’t gotten one as a gift though!

  2. This is a great inexpensive option for the DIY set. My friend found that her shower head (on a hose) could be extended to the toilet, and that’s what she uses (the benefits of a small bathroom!).

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