Monkey Foot Designs Wet Bag Giveaway!

Monkey Foot Designs Wet Bags are sturdy and functional, but also sewn from rich and colorful prints that almost make cloth diapering seem, well, glamorous! We’ve loved them for years here at the Green Baby Guide and one of our readers will be winning one soon.

In case you have no idea what a wet bag is, you should know that it can be used for toting damp items  including used cloth diapers, swim suits, breast pump parts, and baby wipes.  Although I initially stuffed a freezer bag into my purse for used cloth diapers on the go, I was so thrilled to have my Monkey Foot Designs wet bag.  (For one, I didn’t always look forward to washing out that used freezer bag by hand and a Monkey Foot Designs wet bag can simply be tossed in the laundry!)

The inner part of a Monkey Foot Designs wet bag is made with ProCare, a waterproof material that keeps wetness and odor within the bag.  The outer fabric is sewn separately to avoid leakage and all seams are serged for reinforcement.  While other wet bags shut with drawstrings, Monkey Foot Designs bags zip shut to seal up odor and wetness.

I just received a lovely Monkey Foot Designs double pocket wet bag with the rich multicolored elephant fabric to review.  My first thought was, “How sad that my daughter will be fully potty trained soon.”  I think I may use it as a purse in the future simply because it’s so beautiful!   It’s incredibly reasonable (just $30!) and has two pockets to accommodate more.

Today Monkey Foot Designs is sponsoring a giveaway of one solid black double pocket wet bag. This one little item will last you through years of cloth diapering!  No one will know you’re hauling around wet gear in this sleek bag and you can use it after baby for years!

Four Ways to Enter the Monkey Foot Designs Wet Bag Giveaway:

1. Simply post a comment

2. Like us on Facebook (then tell us you did it in the comments)

3. Visit Monkey Foot Designs website and comment on what you learned.

4. Spread the news about the giveaway! Email someone, post it on Facebook, tweet it, blog it, or send someone a message about it via carrier pigeon. (And again, don’t forget to tell us all about it in the comments!)

This contest ends on Wednesday June 15th and is only open to U.S. Residents.

Great luck!


  1. Thank you for the giveaway! This bag looks great! 🙂

  2. I like you on Facebook!

  3. Love their designs and that the seams are permanently sealed!

  4. Shared on facebook!

  5. i’d love to win this!

  6. I would love to have this bag!! I have been cloth diapering for 11wks and 1day:) We are still using disposables when we go out, but this wet bag would give me a chance to try out cloth on the go. I have been following the website for a few weeks and have just sent my stay at home mom friend, Brittany, a message about the site.

  7. I am a facebook fan!!

  8. I checked out the website and learned that the bags are made in the USA. However, I could not find where her materials are from. I am trying to buy things made in the USA and not in China. This is proving to be a very difficult task. I haven’t found a product for feeding yet that is not made in China. Any suggestions???

  9. I could really use another wet bag – my fave was stolen along with my diaper bag – and this would fit the bill!

  10. I checked out the Monkey foot website and learned that they use really cute fabrics. Also, I like their nursing covers. I might have to get one for my next child.

  11. I told a couple of friends about your giveaway!

  12. I think this looks like a great bag.

  13. I like you guys on Facebook!

  14. The inner and outer layers are sewn separately so that the bag does not wick. The seams are serged and the inner seams are sealed to prevent leaks and odors from getting out.

  15. I tweeted this post.

  16. Monkey Foot Designs totally rock! She has the coolest fabrics. Although a sleek black one will go with everything in my wardrobe! I’m super impressed, I would so love to try one out. I’d use it for cloth diapers and swimsuits.

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