Furnishing Baby’s Nursery with Garage Sale Finds

I often fantasize about Rebecca and me flying to New York as featured guests of a daytime talk show. We’d be given a $300 budget to outfit a baby’s nursery with secondhand goods. With Rebecca’s sense of style and my garage sale savvy, we’d do an incredible job!

Just the other day I went to a school garage sale where I saw the following items:

An oak changing table: $25
A beautiful maple rocking chair: $25
A sturdy wooden high chair: $15
Baby clothes: A giant paper bag’s worth for just $5

It’s just mind-boggling what you can find for a new baby at a fraction of the price of retail.  (Which is why we wrote The Eco-nomical Baby Guide.  It’s such a thrill to reduce, reuse and recycle–while saving thousands and ending up with beautiful stuff!)  While you’re pocketing all that saved money, you’re saving the environmental load of manufacturing, packaging, and shipping new products. And your baby will be just as content in her secondhand nursery. Attention daytime T.V.producers, we’re standing by for your phone call!


  1. I am always shocked at the great buys at yard sales and Craigslist. Why, oh why, didn’t I buy my firstborns’ crib off of Craigslist? People are selling them for next to nothing!

    Hope that call comes in soon:)

  2. Almost everything we own for Baby is secondhand. When I hear of other moms who spend hundreds on little clothes and furniture, it’s hard to wrap my head around. My mom has brought home tons of secondhand goods for her first grandbaby and she pretty much leads the way – My sister and I are avid thrifters as well. I am pumped on this summer’s yard sales. Thrift shops and Craigslist have been great resources as well.

    I could definitely put together a great nursery for $300 too!

  3. I have never had much luck. We were able to buy a second hand bouncy seat at a consignment store but only saved about half off retail and discovered later that it was missing pieces. We have been able to buy new by shopping sales and clearance. I buy clothes a year in advance for less than consignment prices and the items will last longer because they are new.

    But I do everything I can to keep our stuff clean, keep all the parts, etc. so that when our baby days are over we can sell or donate these things and hopefully they will be loved by many more babies.

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