Top 5 Bestselling Pocket Diapers

BumGenius and Fuzzibunz dominate the top five list, but Thirsties edged both of them out for the number one position! Why Thirsties? I’m guessing it’s the winning combination of the cute design and affordable price.

Thirsties Duo Wrap Snap , Blackbird, Size One ($13.75) (Note: This diaper is now disqualified, as it is just a cover–NOT a pocket diaper. See the comments.)

bumGenius One-Size Cloth Diaper 4.0 – Grasshopper – Snap ($17.95) (Now in first place! The image here is not right, but if you click on it, it goes to the correct product: a green diaper with snaps in the front.)

FuzziBunz One Size Diaper Big Sky, 10-45 Pounds ($19.95)

bumGenius One-Size Pocket Diaper 4.0 Artist Series Snap Retail Therapy ($19.95)

Fuzzi Bunz One Size Cloth Diapers 6 Pack Gender Neutral Colors ($116.70 for 6)

Now in fifth place:

Bummis Tots Bots Easy Fit Pocket Diaper ($23.95)–Now that the Thirsties has been disqualified, I’m adding this diaper, made in Scotland from bamboo fibers.

I had great luck with both bumGenius and Fuzzibunz pocket diapers, so I’m not surprised to see them take up four-fifths of the top-five list. I never did try Thirsties on my baby. (And I also never tried Bummis pocket diapers.) Anyone care to chime in with a personal report?


  1. The Thirsties you have listed is a cover, not a pocket diaper. I went to the Thirsties website and they do have pocket diapers, but they’re $18.50 for solids and $19.50 for prints. I have been using Fuzzibunz Perfect Size since my son was 6 weeks old (he was too small before that, and we used prefolds) and I love them!

  2. I haven’t tried the Thirsties pockets either, but their covers are awesome. We’ve been using Fuzzibunz, Happy Heinies and BumGenius 4.0 at nights for the past year and have liked them all. If we had to pick a favorite it would probably be the BunGenius, but only by a hair.

  3. Jenn–thanks for the clarification! I adjusted the results accordingly. I was searching for “pocket diapers” on Amazon and that one came up as the bestselling one. I guess this explains the lower price! I now added the Bummis Tots Bots Easy Fit Diaper to the fifth place slot, and bumGenius are now in first place.

    Kristin–Those are the exact same pocket diapers I have experience with. I liked them all.

  4. I use the Thirsties covers (including the one shown) over prefolds and we love them. We use FBs at night but lately DD has been wetting through them. Time for the hemp inserts!!! I’ve also heard good things about BGs so I may need to try them.

  5. I have a few of the Thirsties Duo Diapers (the actual pocket diaper) and I really like them. The majority of my stash, though, is BG and Happy Heiny’s.

  6. I used mostly bumgenius and fuzzibunz with my daughter but am researching really easy new options for my twins due in October and I ordered one of the Bummis Tots Bots easy fit…I LOVE that diaper. LOVE LOVE LOVE. Though, they are expensive! I don’t love the fuzzibunz at all…have done okay with the bumgenius (though have ammonia issues with my HE washer) but have absolutely no complaints about that awesome bummis diaper. I am begging people to buy these for me for the twins (its got to be a community effort because they are $24 a piece!).

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