The Five Bestselling Chlorine-Free Disposable Diapers

(Drum roll, please . . . ) In fifth place, we have Bambo Nature Eco-friendly Diapers.

Tushies Diapers come in strong in fourth place.

Nature Babycare Eco-friendly Chlorine-free Diapers take the bronze medal in the chlorine-free diaper Olympics.

In second place, we have Earth’s Best Tender Care Chlorine Free Diapers.

And, in first place–not much of a surprise here–Seventh Generation Free and Clear Baby Diapers.

What an exciting countdown that was! Now, if you want to learn more about chlorine free disposables (what’s the big deal about chlorine-free diapers? Are chlorine-free diapers better for the environment than cloth? Which eco-disposables do we recommend? Which are the best deal?), you’re going to want to get your hands on The Eco-nomical Baby Guide.

Until then, happy diapering!


  1. I heard (via customer reviews on Amazon) that Seventh Generation recently changed their diapers to use more SAP gel inside and less wood pulp, and that they smell bad out of the package… based on that I switched our night-time pull-ups to Nature Babycare (after 5 years of using Seventh Generation with few problems). They look a bit bulkier on my son but since we only use them at night it’s not an issue.

  2. That is too bad about Seventh Gen (previous comment). I like Comforts for Baby, which are Kroger/Fred Meyer brand I think. They are a lot cheaper than Seventh Generation dipes but not smelly. We usually use cloth but did some ‘sposies in the beginning while we were getting used to having a baby!

  3. So are these just the brands that had the best sales? If so I can see how Seventh Generation would be at the top as they seem to be more readily available than other brands. We have used them in the past but Nature BabyCare is the brand we love and now we can get it at our grocery store which makes them much easier to find!

  4. Thanks for this listing. As a cloth diapering mama, I tend to only use cloth diapers. But there are times where I just need some disposables on hand. Glad to have a choice of a few different brands that aren’t quite as bad for the environment.

  5. Jen, yes, these are just the top five bestselling brands. In the Eco-nomical Baby Guide we review them in more detail and show which disposables are the best deal and which are the best for the environment. Interestingly, neither of those are in this particular list. (I'm making this deliberately mysterious to motivate you to buy the book!)

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