Twist 100% Biodegradable Sponges

This is a quick drive-by post to recommend Twist biodegradable sponges. I picked up the Twist loofah scrubby on a whim at Whole Foods and used it until it fell apart after about eight months. (I realize this may sound extremely gross to some people . . . but it dried out completely between dish-washings and never seemed to smell or look bad.) When I was done, I put it into my compost bin. I recommend it!

I see Twist makes other biodegradable sponges and rags, too. Check them out!

Twist European Sponge Cloths

Twist Naked Sponge

Twist dish dumpling scrub pad

Twist natural kit

Twist naked kit


  1. Very cool! I wonder if they can be found anywhere else? We don’t have a Whole Foods.

  2. Allison Banerji says

    My favorite rag (kitchen, general cleaning) is the foot of an old athletic sock turned inside out so the terry side is out. Just the right size for my hand, easy to squeeze, thick, scrubs well, wipes surfaces without leaving stuff behind like a sponge. Hate sponges. zero cost, clear conscience, job well done.

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