What’s the Best Way to Get Rid of Old Baby Gear?

I feel like I must have asked this question before. Believe it or not, almost six years after giving birth, I still have boxes of tiny garments tucked away in my attic. I may have hung on to some maternity clothes, a nursing pillow, and a high chair as well.

I’m sure having a high chair sitting around in the basement will come in handy at some point. . . .

Back when I was debating between the Boppy pillow and the My Breast Friend, one of my big concerns was resale value. Imagine spending under a thousand dollars on baby gear (which I did) and then making most of it back when I sold it at a consignment shop or on ebay (which I didn’t).

Can I interest you in a six-year-old Boppy pillow?

If you want to know how I scrimped and saved on baby gear, check out our book, The Eco-nomical Baby Guide. And if you want to know the very best way to recoup your expenses . . . well, that’s what I’m asking our knowledgeable readers right now! I’m thinking that selling back these odds and ends might be more trouble than it’s worth. What would you do–make an effort to sell it, or give it all away?


  1. I bought most of my baby gear at garage sales and plan to use the same avenue to re-sell them. 🙂

  2. I was holding on to stuff in hopes of another baby. Recently I looked at my baby stuff and realized someone could use it now! I took a bunch of stuff to a local consignment shop, then a resale shop, and then donated the rest to our local pregnancy center. I made $50 at the resale and the consignment shop took 20 things. Not bad for stuff sitting in my basement. It made me feel go to just donate the rest and clear up some space. Oh and if we decide to have another baby?? I can have some fun shopping and getting great deals.

  3. I have sold things on craigslist. Garage sales are good too, or the consignment store. Diapers can be sold on Diaperswappers.com. And if you really can’t sell the gear, there are lots of charities that need baby gear—crisis pregnancy centers, Catholic Charities family services, etc.

  4. In my town, twice a year, there is something called a Mommy Mart held in a hockey rink where anyone can come and pay a small fee to have a table to sell baby/maternity items. When you go you pay like $2 to get in, then there are normally around 100 vendors/mothers selling a wonderful variety of used baby items. It’s a great thing for new mothers looking for inexpensive baby gear, and great for those mothers who want to get rid of their baby gear!!

  5. I have had the most success with a garage sale, mom to mom sales and the classifieds site at my work. Anything I don’t sell by the end of the year I am going to donate.

  6. I am a big fan of consignment stores. You get less money than if you sell it yourself, but I like not needing to put that effort into selling them myself.

    Chloe- The Mommy Mart sounds awesome! I would love to go and shop there, even though my youngest is almost 2. It seems like an awesome little place.

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