Green Toys Tea Set Review

My son, who helped to inspire our book The Eco-nomical Baby Guide, just turned five. Did he request reclaimed wood toys or organic cotton garments for his birthday? Nope. He’s in the midst of a feverish obsession with monster trucks, which are just about as ungreen as you can possibly be.

On the other end of the gender spectrum is my two-year-old daughter Jovi who must wear the finest dresses available (purchased at thrift stores), jewels, and purses on a daily basis. For her brother’s fifth birthday party (which included “pin the wheels on the monster truck”), Jovi received one special gift: A Green Toys Tea Set.

My thrift shopping habit has wildly skewed my price perception, so spending over twenty bucks on a plastic tea set was slightly painful, but I was happily surprised with the quality of the product. And when I did some research on the company, I was glad that I shelled out a bit more. All Green Toys are made in the U.S. from recycled milk containers. The whole process happens in California which saves the carbon cost of having raw materials shipped into the factory from overseas. They’re BPA free and meet the strict toy safety and environmental laws for the state of California.

I love the practical heft of the plastic, the colors, the simple design, and the fact that all lids are completely interchangeable. Since she got the set two weeks ago, we have had dozens of tea parties, and I think there are hundreds more to come. With a quality product like Green Toys, you get an heirloom toy that is made of recycled materials and costs just a bit more cheap plastic sets made in China. I’d definitely recommend it!

Do you own any Green Toys? Have you been satisfied with their quality?


  1. I love Green Toys! We have three sets – the Tea Party, shown above, another set of kitchen stuff (a sautee pan, dutch oven, and utensils) and a tugboat/pitcher thing for the tub.

    Sturdy, attractive and green.
    I want more.
    My son is turning two and I’m hoping a Green Toys dump truck is in his future

  2. Yes! My girls have the tea set and kitchen set mentioned above and both are so sturdy. They have played with the tea set outside quite a bit and it’s been left in the sun many times and hasn’t faded at all. Every single piece has been thrown, dropped and stepped on and there isn’t a scratch or dent to be seen. It’s great stuff!

  3. We have the dishes and pots and pans set and they have held up really well since Christmas, and I expect them to last years to come. My son also has some recycled plastic toy trucks made by another company that are incredibly sturdy…wish I could remember what brand they are. He loves them!

    Green Toys also makes toddler/baby dishes and I think I would spend the money on them in a heartbeat.

  4. We have all the trucks, and the tea set and dishes set and pretty much everything they make. My kids are really hard on toys and these have lasted for years and will probably last another few years. These are pretty much the only plastic toys we have, and they have certainly lasted longer than any other plastic toys that we have had. Plus they are made in the USA. Can’t say enough awesome things about these toys.

  5. I am a grandfather of 5 grand kids and I was browsing to find something different for Christmas gifts for my grand kids and came across this site. From the above comments it seems like Green Toys would be a great choice and I come from the generation that likes to buy things that are made in the good old USA.

  6. RebeccaSully says

    We own lots of Green Toys’ products and I want them ALL!! They are wonderful, are made by wonderful people with wonderful ideas. I buy them on sale on amazon!

  7. My kids are going to love them really.
    I was in a fix what to gift them but I got the right thing here.
    Thanks for sharing.

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