Do Reusable Snack Bags Work?

As you may have read in my post on zero waste lunches, my son’s school has banned all single serving food items to eliminate trash. It’s time to invest in some greener food storage options!

I was excited about trying Lunchskins or other reusable snack bags, but read a comment on Monday from a user who struggled with mold on the fabric. Many parents LOVE the product, but others have also complained about stale food and not being able to dry the bags out enough before the next use.

Moldy bags and stale food reports make me hesitate on the brink of a purchase. At $7-15 dollars a bag, it’s tough to shell out so much and not know whether or not it will work. Does anyone else have feedback on reusable snack bags? Are you able to use them successfully? What’s your trick for avoiding mold on the fabric?


  1. I use Abeego products. There’s no fabric, so mold has never been an issue.

  2. I use the ones from We’ve never had a problem with mold on the fabric, and we’ve been using them for a few years. I wipe them out with a damp sponge and pack them again for the next day. If they’re really messy, I throw them in the wash and let them air dry. I do have quite a few, so it’s never been a problem if they don’t dry right away. That said, I feel like they dry fairly quickly.

    I love them, and so does my daughter. ๐Ÿ™‚ Also, I like supporting a mom that makes these out of her house, instead of a large company like lunchskins, but that’s just me…

  3. Do you sew? I used plain cotton and lined my baggies with ripstop nylon. (I believe its what soccer shorts are made of) They stay fresh long enough for morning lunch packing for a day out, and you can rinse them out in the sink, and they dry pretty fast (definily overnight). They are reasonably waterproof but I don’t fill them with anything wet really. They work really well for things like crackers. I imagine a larger version would work well for sandwiches, so I’m planning to give it a go when I have time. I’m thinking something that opens flat and velcro up the sides and top to close, so that it can be cleaned well and dry fast.

  4. We have tried a number of versions of these types of bags and have not had a mold issue. I wash them by hand in the sink and dry on a bottle rack. Staleness is still a problem for so us, so I am am curious as to the responses to this. We are all out of the house by 7 am, so we have to make lunches at night.

    The Abeego products looks like a great option, but the start up price is steep for a multi-sandwich family.

  5. I made bags for myself using a free tutuorial and some PUL. I wipe them out and dry. If they get yucky I can throw in the wash. I would say the supplies to make them were <$3 bag but that was mostly the zipper price. I know people who have found great deals on zippers. Or you could just use velcro instead.

  6. I just saw Munchkin brand released a set of 3 bags for about $7 which I thought was very cheap compared to others I have seen. They sell at Target & Walmart. I’m anxious to try them.

  7. The brands we use are ReUsies, Semilla and SnackTaxi bags. We have been using some of them for over a year and have never had a mold issue…and I sometimes reuse them for a few days before washing them.
    But we do have the ‘stale’ issue too. ๐Ÿ™
    I still love them and am so happy to know how many plastic bags I am NOT throwing away!!!

  8. We use SnackTaxi’s and have never had a problem. We keep one in the diaper bag with snacks – usually dry things like Cheerios, crackers, or cookies. My husband also uses them occasionally for packing part of his lunch.

  9. I have been using these ones for a couple of months and have been really happy with them. I bought them because I could wash them with my clothes and so far I haven’t seen any mold.

    I tried some of the plastic ones before. It’s nice that those are waterproof, but it makes it difficult for them to dry out. plus they are not breathable. I didn’t see mold on them but also didn’t use them that long.

  10. I make my own out of fun cotton and rip stop nylon. There is a sewing method that helps prevent the drying out of foods, and I havent ever had problems with mold.

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