Wet Bags for Cloth Diapers on the Go

If you use cloth diapers on the go, you need someplace to stash the wet ones until you’re back home again. On the minimal end of the spectrum, you could simply use a Ziploc bag or any old plastic zipper bag. That’s what I did for several months. When my daughter started going to daycare at eight months, we needed a heftier option and ended up getting something like the SealLine Dry Sack, which we found at a sporting goods store for under $10. At the time, I don’t think we realized there were cuter options out there, but this bag did the trick. They’re available in a variety of sizes. Ours could hold a whole weekend’s worth of diapers.

Now there are several cloth diaper wet bags on the market, all of which are much classier than a Ziploc bag:

We’ve always had a thing for Monkey Foot Designs, and we can attest to their attractiveness and durability.

Kushies On the Go 2 pack wet bag. ($10.99), with a draw-string closure.

Bummis Fabulous Organic Wet Diaper Bag ($14.37)

Itzy Ritzy Zippered Wet Bag ($17.95)

Planet Wise Diaper Wet Bag (from $16.50)

Kissa One Size Antibacterial Wet Diaper bag ($11.99)

Munchkin Damp Goods Bag ($8.99)

What do you use when you change a cloth diaper out on the town? Chime in with your recommendations (or anti-recommendations) in the comments!


  1. We use the Planet Wise wet bag and we’ve had good luck with it. Stays dry on the outside, has a cute print and keeps any smell contained.

  2. I finally got myself the Kushies 2-pack and immediately wondered why I hadn’t done so sooner. They also got us through potty-training, and we still use them (for swimsuits, messes, etc.).

  3. I made myself a bag–just got some PUL, picked some fabric from my stash, and added a zipper. Done in less than 20 minutes and about $3.

  4. Mary P – I like your idea! Where did you find PUL?

  5. I’d love to know where you got PUL for so cheap! It’s 12.99 a yard at Jo-Ann fabrics here on the east coast.

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