Nursing Tanks: Have You Tried Them?

Nursing tanks were my absolute favorite breastfeeding support gear. While I was quite comfortable nursing in public, I loved that they helped me to flash as little flesh as possible. And they also provide post-pregnancy tummy coverage and an extra layer of warmth in the chilly months.

If you’d prefer an all-in-one nursing tank, Glamourmom’s Nursing Bra Tank is a good option. It’s extra long to accommodate our shifting sizes in the months after baby and comes with a soft cup bra built into the tank. Clips allow you to fold down the top part of the tank for easy nursing access.

Bravado! Designs Essential Nursing Bra Tank also provides a built in bra and comes in a variety of colors. The length of the tank extends to the thigh and many consumers rave about their love of this product. It’s available in a wide variety of sizes too, although I notice that there aren’t many small cup options.

Nursing women who already love their nursing bras can use a Nursing Tank by Undercover Mama that actually clips onto the straps of your nursing bra. It comes in three colors and still allows you to have the coverage of a nursing tank without having to use a built-in bra.

A similar option is Ecoscape’s Undershirts for Nursing Moms. The tanks actually just come with two large circles cut out of the breast area, allowing women easy access to their nursing bras.

The most deluxe nursing tank I came across was the Double Cream Nursing Tank by Ecoscapes. It’s made to support mom and baby with simple, easy to unhook shoulder straps, but it’s two layer design also allows for hands-free pumping. (I never learned how hands-free pumping was possible with my two babies, but I have to admit that it does sound appealing!)

I used about five cotton nursing tanks from target. They shrank, didn’t provide any support, and were ratty and worn by the time I finally finished nursing. If I would have realized that I would spend a total of four years breastfeeding my children (2 years with each child), I would have just invested in some high quality pieces right from the start. (Or looked for some gently used, high quality
nursing tanks in consignment shops.)

Have you used nursing tanks? What would you recommend for other breastfeeding mothers?


  1. Go figure. I have Target’s nursing tanks. I found them easy to use, comfortable and supportive. I wore them 24/7 in the early days and they held up beautifully; I still dig them out and wear them occasionally (as PJs now).

  2. Yes, I used Target’s nursing tanks, too, and I loved them. I didn’t discover them until a couple of months into my motherhood. I wish I had had them from the start!

  3. Thanks Krissy and Kate for the good feedback on those basic Target nursing tanks. Maybe I just bought a size that was too small, bought too few, or the quality has gone up in the five years since I began nursing. Target nursing tanks are really reasonable and if you have to wear wool nursing pads (and you don’t need a whole lot of support) they can work quite well.

  4. I have three of the bravado nursing tops. They are a little bit on the pricey side so I only bought one to begin with, but they are so nice I quickly got two more. My son is only 3 months old but I know I’ve washed them all at least 2 dozen times and they still look new.

    I purposely bought them in neutral colors that I have t-shirts that match so it looks nice when I layer them. Great for keeping your tummy covered when breastfeeding in public. (I think I’m more self conscious about exposing my tummy than my breast)

    I also really like wearing them under my work blouse or sweater so that i’m covered when pumping. Our lactation room is a little cold so keeping the tummy covered when pumping helps me stay comfortable.

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