Healthier Halloween Treats

What are you giving for Halloween this year? There are options outside of the traditional candy wrapper and sometimes kids actually prefer them. Our readers have shared time and again that children love having choices.

Some of my favorite ideas are simple and time tested. A bowl of pennies, Halloween stickers, and Halloween pencils is a fun alternative to pure sugar and kids get the chance to choose a few of their favorites. You can even throw in marbles or beads, as long as you make sure to tell the children that they aren’t edible!

I’m tempted to order a 72 pack of Halloween Glitter Tattoos for just $6.50. They’d be a spectacular addition to that bowl of prizes and end up costing less than ten cents each. (And even our teenage trick-or-treaters would love them.)

If you would like to have a few snacks thrown into the mix, there are some healthy options that beat out mainstream treats.

Annie’s Organic Bunny Fruit Snacks make a nice snack, but they end up costing about 80 cents a bag. Still, if you’re going with the “big bowl of goodies” theme, you can throw a few of these in without breaking the bank.

On the other end of the cost spectrum, Sun-Maid Raisin Mini Snacks cost approximately 5 cents a box when you buy them in bulk on amazon. (A 9 pack of bags with 14 mini-boxes comes in at 21.39, which provides you with 126 mini boxes.)

Stretch Island Summer Strawberry Fruit Leatheris all natural, 100% fruit and costs $12.80 for a 30 pack.

Have I missed any simple Halloween treat options? What are you planning on offering your costumed visitors this year? I’m going to have more trick-or-treators than ever so I’d better start stocking up!

***This post was accidentally published early on Friday before I had finished, but when I read Larisa’s comment I was thrilled. Clean out your kids’ random plastic loot while stocking your goodie bowl! Genius!

I was also thinking of ransacking my huge collection of foreign coins that are currently buried at the bottom of our junk drawer. Kids would be thrilled to get a japanese yen, and since they’re about 100 yen to a dollar, it’s maybe even worth going to a bank to get a few rolls. We could pass out beautiful coins with a hole in the middle to fascinated kids. That would be the treasure they’d cherish most all evening! (Especially once their blood sugar levels out and the candy wrappers all end up in the trash….)


  1. I started a collection box at the beginning of the year, and whenever we cleared out my son’s stash of small toys, things like whistles, Hot Wheels cars, and bouncy balls went in the box, along with the leftover unopened bubble-bottles from his birthday party. I also added about a dozen child-size bangles that my boss brought back from India, and some animal stickers that came with the address labels that wildlife organizations are constantly sending me. Not only will these be fun, healthy choices, but I didn’t spend a dime!

  2. Love Larisa’s ideas and I bet the kids who come to her door will too. We’ve found that when you give kids a selection of anything and ask them to pick a favorite, they enjoy the activity of selecting as much as the item itself!

  3. Yes Joy! The Japanese yen idea is a great one! Also, some places are still collecting pennies for UNICEF (while you’re thinking about money). As for healthier snacks, there are so many more. One thing you didn’t mention is honey sticks (can’t be given to kids under 2 and I know this is green BABY guide, but many do have older siblings) which much to my personal shock are a huge hit with children. Many more choices both food and otherwise at our site.

  4. These are all great ideas! I have been leaning toward the Stretch Island Fruit Leathers from Costco, but haven’t fully decided yet. 🙂

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