Our Favorite DIY Costume Ideas for Babies and Kids

Maybe one of these years I’ll think of a truly creative Halloween costume idea for my child and spend my whole summer putting it together. But not this year. Audrey has decided to be a princess (again). At our favorite consignment store, I found this dress for $4.50. After mending a torn ruffle and safety-pinning a piece of Velcro back in place, it’s ready for some serious trick-or-treating.

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  1. What a beautiful princess costume!

    We’re doing a DIY car costume for my little race car driver. I found the instructions online; we had everything (cardboard box, paint, paper plates, construction paper, twine) around the house already. I am splurging on a pair of stick-on tap lights to give him real headlights (and an added safety feature for trick-or-treating):


  2. Love these, especially the pumpkin. We have a brand new grandgirl and when I was visiting I made her first Halloween costume. She’ll be a burrito. It cost nothing. Like it? http://www.celebrategreen.net/blog/halloween/infant-burrito-costume

  3. We’re going to the Boo at the Zoo this weekend. We will be a robot family. I’m making the costumes sandwich board style. I just hope Hubby will actually wear his. With buying paint, total cost is about $10. I still need to pick up antennae for me & Hubby.

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