Charlie Banana Diaper Giveaway

Your life as a semi-professional diaper changer may be about to change in the next week if you’re lucky enough to win this week’s Charlie Banana giveaway! In my cloth diapering conversations, whenever a mother has mentioned Charlie Banana Diapers it seems to be followed by a long list of adorations: They fit so wonderfully, are so flexible, and have such lovely designs….Yadda, Yadda, Yadda…

After trying the diaper for myself, I have to say that I have joined the (sometimes fervent) ranks of the Charlie Banana fan club. The Charlie Banana Cloth Diaper itself is adorable but I also love how their pocket diapers are built to work with a cloth or disposable insert. The washable liner fits inside the pocket, just as it would on a standard cloth diaper, but the disposable insert sits on top of the fleece, close to the baby’s skin. It is secured by simply tucking it into a fold in the fabric. (Which means you don’t have to worry about securing it with complicated snaps or elastics.) When you’re traveling or taking baby to daycare, you can still use your cloth diapers along with the disposable inserts.

Charlie Banana’s one size cloth diapers flex to fit babies from 7-40 pounds with a snap system, but also makes size specific hybrid diapers ranging from extra small to large. Their prints and colors are bright and fun and would make a great holiday gift for baby!

Enter the Charlie Banana Goodbye Disposables, Hello Cloth Diaper Giveaway.

What will you win? The diaper pictured above in the size of your choice.

How do you enter? You can enter up to four times. Here’s how:

1. Simply post a comment

2. Like on Facebook (then tell us you did it in a separate comment)

3. Visit the Charlie Banana website and comment on what you learned.

4. Spread the news about the giveaway! Email someone, post it on Facebook, tweet it, blog it, or send someone a message about it via carrier pigeon. (And again, don’t forget to tell us all about it in the comments!)

Each thing you do (and comment on) counts as a separate entry.

This contest ends on Wednesday, December 7th and is only open to U.S. Residents.

Great luck!


  1. Tweeted this on twitter!

  2. And finally emailed my mommy group of friends to let them know about this awesome giveaway. Thanks!

  3. Michelle Luetjen Green says

    fingers crossed!

  4. Michelle Luetjen Green says

    i feel stupid for not ever realizing that this company had the whole cloth/disposable element!

  5. Michelle Luetjen Green says

    I “liked” green baby guide. Thanks for that!

  6. I LOVE that diaper!

  7. I Liked Green Baby Guide on Facebook!

  8. Charlie has disposable inserts! And they donate to Operation Smile! That is awesome!

  9. Also shared on my Facebook wall!
    Thanks for the great giveaway, I have really been wanting that diaper!

  10. Would love to win…thanks!

  11. I would love to win so I can try Charlie Banana diapers with our new baby expected early next summer.

  12. I visited the site and learned that Charlie diapers can be used with reusable inserts or disposable liners ~ way cool.

  13. I’d love to give these diapers a try. I’m just starting into cloth diapers

  14. Sounds like a good green company, and apparently available in some common retailers. We mostly use happy Heinz but we like trying new brands too.

  15. Stacy Schleichert says

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  16. Charlie Banana is one type of CD I haven’t tried yet….I’ve heard great things, would love to win and see for myself!

  17. I love my Charlie Bananas!

  18. I liked Greenbabyguide on Facebook!

  19. I learned that they donate to operation smiles!

  20. Kelsey Jones says

    We are using cloth for our second baby, due in Feb.!

  21. Maria Ivey says

    Would love to try this diaper. Thanks for the giveaway!

  22. Maria Ivey says

    They also have Reusable Feminine pads as part of their product list.

  23. Maria Ivey says
  24. Cassie McCulloch says

    I love Charlie Banana Cloth Diapers!!! And I just liked you guys on facebook!

  25. I love cloth diapers! 🙂

  26. Liked you on FB (under Simply Prudent)

  27. On the website I found out their diapers are made out of polyester.

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