There isn’t much of a demand for holiday-themed diapers, as it turns out. That didn’t stop me from trying to cobble together a seasonally-appropriate diaper wardrobe for your little one.

The Sckoon cotton baby cloth diaper red pear ($14.90). Reminds me of those Harry & David gift boxes from Great Aunt Buzzy.

Red rock star pocket cloth diaper ($10.95). Dazzling!

Itti Bitti bitti dlish cloth diapers red ($19.95). Soft velour is perfect for the holidays.

Happy Heinys one size cloth diaper forest green ($18.95). If you have twins, I recommend putting one in the red velour and the other in this dark green one. A stunning combo.

Rumparooz reusable cloth pocket diaper lux, aplix ($25). Sort of a holiday pattern, right?

Grovia diaper owls ($16.95). Owls are wintry birds.

Well, I tried.