Why I stopped composting and started using bokashi bins

This month Rebecca and I are focusing on reducing household consumption and waste. As we’ve both shared, we’re probably considered tree hugging hippies by many, but our thrifty, green fervor has slacked off a bit over the years. Even though I no longer hang out every load of laundry, I have to say that giving up composting altogether wasn’t an option. I simply couldn’t dump moldy melon rinds into the trash without chest pain caused by eco-guilt. Plus, since we’ve had kids our household production of half eaten macaroni, expired yogurt, and soggy grapes has drastically increased.

So why did I want to stop composting?

1. Often there were dairy products, eggs or meats mixed with food waste, which meant it couldn’t be composted.
2. Our compost bin is a huge distance from our kitchen.
3. We were constantly besieged with clouds of fruit flies.
4. MICE! Lots of them, who happily nested in the bin while food was delivered to them on a daily basis.

The last factor eventually grossed me out so much that I began researching another solution. Bokashi Bins have been fantastic and greatly lessened our overall family garbage. (And fruit flies, and mice, and the trek to the compost bin!)

You can read my post written nearly three years ago entitled, Do Bokashi Bins Work?, to find out more. But also, stay tuned to my series of upcoming posts on how to start your own bokashi system, how to build your own bins, and how to rapidly change table scraps into rich soil.

Despite the fact that my eco-nomical efforts may have slacked in some areas, I feel like bokashi composting is a huge victory that actually makes my life a tad bit easier. Do you use Bokashi? Have you ever even heard of it?


  1. Bokashi Composting is brilliant – definitely the easiest way to recycle kitchen waste. It’s even better that it doesn’t smell bad!

    I look forward to reading your future series of posts on Bokashi.

  2. I only started my bokashi bin this month but already I can see the benefits!

    You can compost meat,there are no flies or rodents and I drain off the liquid almost everyday to feed my plant- 1 tsp to every 5 litres of water for bulbs/herbs/pots etc. and 2tsp to every 5 litres- which gives them a lovely boost!

    I have never really composted before (although I’m all for it) so this is a new thing for me but I’d really recommend buying a bin.

  3. Sorry! Missed out ” and for trees and shrubs, 2tsp to every 5 litres”

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