Diaper Origami: What’s Your Favorite Diaper Fold?

I used to think I lacked diaper origami skills. All I did was fold a prefold into thirds lengthwise, stick it in a Velcro or snap cover like this Thirsties diaper cover or this Bummis super snap diaper cover (ooh, or this Thirsties duo wrap snap hoot cover) and put it on the baby. It turns out, as a reader informed me, that I was actually employing the newspaper fold.

This is a Babykicks fleece prefold. But don’t ask me what the name of this fold is. Newspaper?

Good old diaper pins. Never used them myself.

I just folded a prefold in thirds (newspaper style–yeah!) and placed it in a diaper cover like this one.

Why learn special folds and wrestle with diaper pins, we asked our readers in Diapers 101: How Do You Put on Chinese Prefolds. While we always like to ensure neophyte diaper users that pins and plastic pants are relics from a distant past, it turns out that there are some advantages to expanding that diaper fold repertoire.

This leads us to an informal poll: If you use prefolds, how do you put them on? What’s your favorite diaper fold and why? Please let us know in the comments!


  1. We’ve used prefolds and pins since my daughter was born and the way we’ve folded them has changed constantly as she’s grown. We started out with instructions we gleaned from The Tightwad Gazette and have been adjusting ever since – my husband and I sharing new tricks we’ve discovered to prevent leaking and blowouts. Currently, we fold in the sides, make a small fold in at the top, and pin the front and back together so that the back is a little higher than the front. Not sure what you’d call it; we mostly work on trial and error.

  2. Jennifer says

    I use a snappi, and whatever the fold is up there in the picture…I think its the angel wing fold. When my son got older, we switched to pins because he could get the snappi undone. I honestly don’t get the anti-pin thing. They aren’t any trouble and they work really well…assuming you can find good ones.

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