What “Diaper System” Do You Use?

I was a pretty hardcore prefold diaper enthusiast in my diaper-changing days, while Joy swore her allegiance to pocket diapers. Here is a basic list of the supplies I needed in the 2.5 years my daughter wore diapers:

About three dozen regular size Chinese prefolds. These were very large at first, but she grew into them. And, because she was a skinny baby, she never grew out of them.

A set of three to six cloth diaper covers, first in the newborn size, then in small, then medium. I don’t think she ever graduated to large. I bought them as I needed them.

I loved Imse Vimse diaper covers. I tried to find them secondhand.

I also made about two dozen cloth wipes out of my husband’s old t-shirts.

A few notes:

We cloth diapered at night by doubling up on the prefolds and using a larger diaper cover. She never leaked out of her diapers or had any problems with rashes or yeast infections.

We used disposables a few different times when traveling. When I was out and about, I still used cloth. I zipped the wet ones up in a plastic bag or diaper wet bag.

We also used cloth diapers for daycare. Our daycare provider simply put the wet ones in a closable sports bag like this:

For our daycare provider it was no more work than using disposables, and she had less trash to take out.

That’s it! What’s your system?

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