A Five-point Ode to Pocket Diapers: Diaper Duel Part II

On Tuesday I re-ran my classic post praising prefold diapers. Today I present Joy’s rebuttal, wherein she presents five compelling reasons to prefer pocket diapers. The gloves are off!

#1  One set lasts throughout baby’s diapering.  Pocket diapers like Happy Heiny’s have adjustable snaps that make it possible to use the same diaper for any baby from eight to thirty five pounds.  While prefolds are far cheaper overall, you may have to buy different sizes as baby grows whereas with a few dozen pocket diapers, you’re set!

#2  They’re easier to put on than prefolds—especially at three in the morning when you’re diapering your colicky baby and haven’t had more than three consecutive hours of sleep for days on end.   All you need to do is snap or Velcro them into place and you’re set to go.

#3  Once they’re stuffed, you’re set.  After you launder pocket diapers, the inserts just need to be gently tucked into the diapers.  That’s it!  Prefolds have to be folded and then arranged a bit in the cover before they’re on.  It may be just a ten second difference but when you have a squirmy toddler like mine, ten seconds counts!

#4  They’re cuter—hands down.   Even skeptics can’t help but gasp with admiration when they see Roscoe in his cow-print Happy Heiny’s.  For friends and family who are a bit critical of cloth, seeing your baby’s tush in adorable cloth diapers may just win them over.

#5  Less bulk.  Pocket diapers fit more like disposables, which means that your child will fit in their clothes more easily.  I would presume that they’re also more comfortable for baby since they allow more movement and are less binding.


  1. Melissa Smith says

    Definitely agree with all these points. I tried pre-folds and just found the pockets to be way easier and less bulky. Also, my daycare was much more receptive to my cloth diapering request with the pockets.

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