What Cloth Diapering Advice Would You Give?

Have you used cloth diapers? What would you tell a pregnant, overwhelmed friend who doesn’t know a pocket diaper from a prefold?

If you have tips on buying diapers, laundering diapers or dealing with other challenges, please share! Today is the last of our posts this mont on cloth diapering and our favorite insider ideas always come from our readers. (Oh… and our book, The Eco-nomical Baby Guide!)


  1. I am curently having to convert 19 velcro dipers to snaps… not fun, so that is my biggest piece of advice! I would say get snaps not velcro. I even would go as far to say skip the pockets and just keep it simple and cheap, prefolds and covers. I LOVE my ECONOBUM, I have the Bum Genius too, I let the daycare girls use those! I prefer the prefolds and covers more though!And I work out side of the home… 13 months in cloth.. and counting! It can be done!

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