Do You Have a Midwifery Clinic to Recommend?

When I was ten weeks pregnant, we excitedly stepped through the hospital’s revolving door to see our OB/GYN doctor. After a thirty minute wait, we met with a stressed out physician for ten minutes who asked us some routine questions. We were shuffled off to the front desk where we received a plastic bag full of brochures. When I imagined giving birth in that environment and it me nauseous (although it could have also been the morning sickness….) Luckily a friend told me about the Peacehealth Nurse Midwifery Birth Center.

This time we walked across the front porch of a beautiful old home, through a cut class door and into a completely different experience. We met with the midwife for about forty five minutes, most of which she spent listening to our questions. I was so thrilled to have found a clinic that didn’t treat me as though I had an illness, but embraced our excitement about having a child.

Both of my births were in the same room of that home and both were incredibly supportive and positive. Afterwards we also attended a free baby clinic where we met other new parents and bonded immediately like war veterans over lack of sleep, colic, and the challenge of showering every few days.

Peacehealth Nurse Midwifery Birth Center gets clinical support from their OB/GYN physician partners when needed and allows the mother to choose whether she’d like to deliver at the clinic or the hospital. They can also bill insurance, which makes them a great option for people who can’t pay for a midwife out of pocket. In the years since I delivered by babies, the Nurse Midwifery Birth Center has opened a new clinic nestled among thirty foot evergreens. It’s within two minutes of the hospital and can now facilitate water births.

I know there are incredible OB/GYN’s across the country and that midwifery births aren’t for everyone, but I do wish more people had access to midwives so that they could make their own choice. Did you have a wonderful experience with a midwife? Would you list the name of the clinic so that other readers can know about their options?


  1. I gave birth to both my kids at Birth Care and Family Services in Bart, PA (Lancaster County). My insurance covered it and I can’t recommend them enough! I had a very similar experience as Joy did- the midwives and nurses are very supportive, caring, good listeners, and treat pregnancy and childbirth like the natural process it is (instead of an illness or medical condition). There are two birthing rooms, both with their own jacuzzi and bathroom/shower. The rooms look like bedrooms and the atmosphere is very relaxed. You also have the option of giving birth there, in the hospital or at home. We were able to go home within 4 hours of giving birth since I had two “uneventful” births. They make home visits 2 days after birth to check on the baby and mom and do 2 and 6 week checkups.

  2. I wish there was a birth center in the Bay Area. But, I happened to see a midwife at the UCSF women’s clinic and she told me about Centering Pregnancy. Instead of individual appointments, you meet with other moms and a midwife for two hours every month and form a community. It’s been wonderful. I gave birth in the hospital, and luckily had my midwife deliver my baby. It was a positive natural hospital birth, but I would have loved a birth center so I could deliver in the water (I had to get out of the tub to push, which was torture).

    Given the limited options in the bay area, the UCSF Centering Pregnancy program is your best choice short of a home birth.

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