What Is Your Thrifty-Green Heart’s Desire?

Do you wish for an affordable green disposable diaper made of milkweed? Are you thinking that your children’s boundless energy could be harnessed to heat your entire home? Do you long for organic, local produce that’s cheaper than those waxy apples flown in from Chile? (This exists! Join a local CSA and be amazed by what you’ll get!)

My personal obsession is with a hybrid minivan. Why hasn’t this happened yet? Or maybe someday they’ll create a crossover vehicle for up to eight passengers that runs entirely on the old crackers and raisins that lurk under car seats.

Also, why can’t our shower, bath, and sink waste water run directly into our gardens in the summer time? There are systems available that can recycle this runoff, but why isn’t it standard in every home?

Why aren’t gyms somehow rigged so that the treadmills, stationary bicycles and other machines generate electricity for the facility?

Does anyone else enjoy pondering such simple, eco-friendly solutions while folding cloth diapers? (Which are a miraculous eco-friendly, budget friendly invention!) What are your desires for green, money-saving solutions?


  1. I like your idea for the gym bikes powering the facility. It’s a no-brainer, right? Those places gobble up a lot of power with their heated pools and saunas. They should offset that stuff!

    A similar invention could be that people have to use a stationary cycle to power their TV (or Netflix, as the case may be.) That way they can’t be couch potatoes. Market this to people who want to exercise, but are too lazy to go to the gym.

  2. Hey! That’s my idea, Gina! Sort of. We should make this happen.

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