Teflon-Free Frying Pan Options

Pregnancy and breastfeeding motivated me to find safer, and often greener methods for cooking and storing food. But the recycler in me had a very hard time tossing the high quality Circulon skillet we’d received for our wedding. We’re still using it, but I’m finally ready to invest some money in a healthier option. And I’d love to hear your input!

Stainless Steel Skillets seem entirely safe, but I’m so used to having a non-stick surface that the transition may be tricky. I also worry that I’d be using lots more oil in my cooking just to avoid burning food while sautéing.

I’m intrigued by Bialetti Aeternum Skillets that use a nano-ceramic nonstick coating. They are made of aluminum with a silicone exterior and are free of PFOA, PTFE and cadmium. Still, one one pan costs about $40.00 and they can’t be used in the oven.

At this point, my top choice is a cast iron skillet. The one above made by Lodge Logic is pre-seasoned and I know my mom’s trusty cast iron skillet still works like a non stick surface after a decade of use. Plus I’d love to get small doses of extra iron in my food while I cook. Cast iron works in the stovetop and the oven at all heats and costs just $22.95 for a 12 inch skillet. Am I missing something, or is cast iron the obvious choice?

While I’m greening my kitchen, I may also toss all my old tupperware that could have BPA in it to find a safer and more uniform system. Stay tuned for my review of food storage options!


  1. Jennifer S. says

    We’ve been transitioning to glassware for our food storage. After contemplating what to do with the old plastic ware, we’ve decided to use them for storage of non food items! They will corral Lego bricks, beads, & other various art supplies.

  2. we have two bialetti aeterunum skillets and we love them! they go on sale a lot at shopko and places like that so it was only like $14. cast iron skillets are our other frying pans of choice and both of those we have got second hand which is great because then they are already seasoned.

  3. Betsy at Eco-novice tested cast-iron skillets last year and had some sticking issues with the Lodge one, I think–she recommended springing the extra cash for the Le Creuset enameled cast iron ($150 or so on Amazon depending on which color you like). I have one on my wishlist but so far no one has bought it for me.

    I use stainless steel for most things and love it. However, for eggs, tofu, and pancakes I bought an Ozeri Green Earth Frying pan, currently $38.95 for a 12-inch (http://www.amazon.com/Ozeri-Textured-Ceramic-Non-Stick-Coating/dp/B005473FMO/). It works OK but I find that 9 months into the purchase I need to use more oil than when I started, and the pancakes sometimes stick–I think I need to preheat the pan more.

    Oh, and I second the re-use of plastic tupperware for storing crayons and small toys, both at home and on the go!

  4. Over the last year or so I’ve transitioned to cast iron and stainless steel cookware and glass food storage containers. I like it all and have no desire to go back to teflon/plastic.

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