Is Your Kitchen Plastic-Free?

Mine isn’t. In fact, I’m completely plastic-dependent. A few nights a week, we tuck sandwiches and fruit into tiny plastic lunch containers to be toted off to four different locations the following day. And we stow leftovers in plastic, glass or ceramic bowls with tight fitting lids.

The good news is that I’ve barely used the roll of plastic wrap that has buried in the bottom drawer for the last six years. We steer clear of sandwich bags and even use Zip-locks sparingly.

The not-so-great news is that our plastic containers have had heavy use for years and were made before BPA-free plastic even existed. I know it’s time to replace them. But would it be possible to use only glass or stainless steel from now on? Or should I just go for the safer plastics on the market?

Because of weight and function, the only product that seems just as easy as plastic is stainless steel containers. I want a product that will nest on the shelves, and fit easily into lunch boxes for school. The Kids Konserve Nesting Trio of Stainless Steel Containers is on sale for $20-which isn’t nearly as inexpensive as plastic, but feels a bit safer.

Have you managed to live without plastic? What is your food storage system of choice and how does it work with home-packed lunches? Thanks for your feedback!


  1. I haven’t gone plastic free, but I hope to more and more over time. It just takes awhile it seems to slowly phase out everything. I personally prefer glass over metal containers for to me metal containers can leave a bit of an aftertaste behind on the food/beverage.

  2. I have been converting to non-plastic for the past year and am pretty much done now. I don’t like to use stainless steel for storage purposes because there can be an aftertaste so I have a variety of glass leftover containers. I purchased a set at Costco for $28 and it had a ton of glass containers of varying shapes and sized with locking plastic tops. I also utilize Mason jars as well as re-used pickle and pasta sauce jars for storage. When it comes time to pack lunches for my kids a few years down the road I will probably invest in some small stainless steel containers as well as some of those fabric sandwich bags you can get on Etsy.

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