What is Your Favorite Cloth Diaper Brand?

Back when I began cloth diapering, new fangled products like Go Green Diapers, Rumparooz, and Lil Joey Diapers didn’t even exist. Now I find myself in green baby boutiques, playing with the velcro closures and almost wishing that I was back in the glory days of diapering.

Have you fallen in love with any new cloth diapering brands? Are you loyal to old favorites like Bummis, Charlie Banana, or Fuzzibunz? Or are you perfectly happy with prefold diapers and plastic pants?

We have nearly fifty thousand readers hitting our site on a monthly basis and many of them are new to cloth diapering. Please share your insights on which cloth diapers have worked best for your family!

I should disclose that I started with Bummis and prefolds and then fell deeply in love with Fuzzibunz and Charlie Banana. The snap diapers held up much better, especially with my second child and they were incredibly easy to get on and off.


  1. I love KaWaii diapers. They snap and adjust as you baby grows, are thick and about a third of the price of the name brands that are just like them!

  2. Rachel,
    Where did you find out about KaWaii diapers? I love that they cost much less than their competitors!

  3. Hi Joy,

    Honestly I liked the idea of snap diapers but the $35 cost of many of them was a mjor turn off. I found lots of reviews on KaWaii diapers after stumbling across some (I think on ebay). I bought a few and they have ended up being my go-to diaper for the past 20 months or so with my son. I recommend anyone try one and see if it works as well for you. You’ll be out $10+/- and may love them like I do!

  4. Joy and others,

    I just did a quick summary of cloth diapers 101 and various cloth diaper types on my blog… I write about running while pregnant but get asked about diapers so I thought I would post if anyone else is interested a link is below…


  5. Thanks so much Rachel! And I love seeing your blog as well!

  6. While I do like my Fuzzibunz, I’ve found so many cheaper brands that work as well. However, my favorite right now are the new Tiny Tush.

  7. I like kissaluvs fitted for newborns:

    And unbleached prefolds with Thirsties covers for 6-months-plus:

    And BumGenius for night time only:

    The same diapers I bought 4 years ago after a cloth diaper trial from Jillian’s Drawers. If it works, why change?

    I need a few new covers with my third child (some of my Thirsties are shot after 3+ years of rigorous use with 2 children, and switching the Velcro for snaps), and I thought of buying some from Etsy or trying a new brand, but decided just to stick with Thirsties b/c I like them.

    Also, Velcro is easier/faster if you are just switching from disposables, but I now like snaps better — more durable, your kid can’t undo them himself, and you don’t have to deal with laundry tabs before tossing in the pail.

  8. Whoops, here’s the post about my newborn diaper stash:

  9. Estrella says

    I really like rumparooz. I trust these at night. I have snaps and velcro. the only thing is that sometimes the velcro top ends up rubbing against his stomach, so i’m going to stick with the snaps. Happy Heiny’s is my second choice. I have heard about KaWaii diapers, I’m going to have to try them out since i’ve heard so much about them. thanks

  10. I didn’t have a lot of luck with newborn cloth – they leaked the first time, so I’m going to try something new the second time around. But for 6 months up I used chinese prefolds and prowraps with velcro (which were easy to get a snug fit as he grew.) Around a year and a half I had to buy bigger prowraps, but I’ve been using the same cloth diapers this entire time.

  11. I still love bumGenius, especially the 4.0 with snaps. They work great for my 2 year old and have held up well through 2 kids. For my 3 month old I’m really liking Thirsties Fab Fitteds.

  12. Hands down, my favourite cloth diaper brand is Thirsties. We’ve tried Real Nappies prefolds and covers (which work just fine and they’re cheap!), grovia newborn all in ones (leaked every time!), and Thirsties, both the all-in-ones and the duo covers. They work with just about any insert or prefold. I really love the Thristies hemp prefolds though. The fit is super trim and dry time is pretty quick. They do stain easily, but I really don’t care about that. Overall, Thirsties are the best I’ve tried.

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