What is Your Go-To Green Baby Gift?

The journey from pregnancy to parenting is so intense that I love giving items to friends and family that will support them through that transition. What are my go-to gifts for green-minded new parents?

Cloth Diapers. By helping out a bit with the up-front cost of cloth diapering, I know that I’m giving something that will last from infancy to potty training-and beyond! Families that plan on having multiple children can save about a thousand dollars per child on diapering. Plus with all the fun colors and patterns available in lines like Charlie Banana or Fuzzibunz, it can be a lovely gift instead of being purely practical.

The Eco-nomical Baby Guide. The book helps break down how to reduce the amount of baby gear you buy, how to find the best used gear, and how to repurpose what you already have to help you save thousands of dollars. Plus, you’ll find a green directory of the best values on eco-friendly gear at every price point. Did I mention that I co-wrote this book? Still, I have to say that it’s the book I wish I would have had in the early months of my pregnancy as I scrambled to prepare for baby.

A Maya Wrap or The Ergo Baby Carrier. Luckily a friend of ours made me try a sling when we visited with our colicky infant. Once we slipped him into the A Maya Wrap, he immediately went to sleep. Plus baby carriers are hands-free devices that allow you to actually do stuff besides hold your baby! We also used an The Ergo Baby Carrier and I found it was far easier on my back once my children were older.

Home cooked meals. I cannot express the gratitude I felt for each and every meal that friends and family delivered in those first few months. Because of the rigorous schedule of breastfeeding and staying up with an infant all night, I was eating constantly but couldn’t find even five minutes to heat up a burrito in the microwave. Having hot meals on my doorstep nourished me, body and soul.

Free babysitting. Again, I think this was of more value to me than any material gift. Getting to go the movies with my husband or just take a nap once in awhile was a tremendous support. I would have traded all the adorable onesies I ever received for a dozen hours of babysitting. Am I the only one who feels this way?

What were your favorite gifts as a new parent? Is there anything you do for friends and family that might inspire some of our readers. Thanks for your ideas!


  1. HI! I don’t have any kids myself, but I have a couple friends who are expecting :). I gave them each a glass baby bottle in their favorite color! The lifefactory ones are so cute ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Aden and lanai’s blankets, a stash of prefolds and covers and a moby wrap

  3. I’m currently coordinating a “food train” for my girlfriend who just had her baby. I’ve reached out to our group of girlfriends & scheduled everyone to take a night of food for the first two weeks of their being home. They drop off the food in a cooler outside their house (as to not disturb the baby/parents, should they be sleeping/nursing) and text the husband that it’s arrived. Easier for each person to just do one meal & we know they’re fed during such a special/tough/exhausting time ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. I always like to get a used children’s book from the local book store. Eco friendly and easy! Kids always love to have books. For a mom I’d definitely get the Eco-nomical Baby Guide like you suggested for a shower gift. I have it and know that moms would love it.

  5. We started hiring a house cleaner 2x a month when our 3rd baby was 3 months and the house had reached a new level of disgusting. She’s willing to use all my own cleaners and rags and I totally love her. Now when friends have a baby, I give them two hours of cleaning by our house cleaner. I also try to take friends a meal once their mother or other help has left town.

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