The Egg Cooker Saga Continues: The Update

Our email inbox has been flooded with requests for an update about my egg cooker dilemma. Okay, slight exaggeration. Full disclosure: We have not received one request for an update about my egg cooker dilemma. However, I’m not going to let that stop me from updating you on this topic that is very close to my heart. If you ask me, we don’t talk enough about egg cookers.

I’m taking this seriously

So let’s begin! First, Emily mentioned that she uses her rice cooker to steam eggs. Another Josh posted that he uses his steamer:

Similar to what someone else posted previously about the rice cooker, we hard cook our eggs in a steamer. We’ve got a 2 level one, so if we’re cooking something in one level we’ll put the eggs in the other level. If we’re steaming rice which takes around 50 minutes, the eggs go on top and are done in 24 (then we can steam something else in the other basket).

And of course, many other commenters tried to explain their “foolproof” methods for boiling or even baking eggs, but in the end, I was not persuaded. But before I sprung for another electric egg cooker, I did try to steam eggs in a pot with my steamer basket. This worked perfectly the first time I tried it. Beginner’s luck! I was never able to replicate the results.

The flawless results using my steamer basket–that one time

Meanwhile, Andy was getting impatient with my egg-boiling lab. He said something scientific about how much energy it takes to boil even two cups of water for steaming eggs versus heating the few tablespoons of water needed for the egg cooker. In his argument, which went on for a long time and had several salient points I will eliminate for ease of reading, he concluded that it would be a crime not to buy an egg cooker.

Dazzled by this logic, I went ahead and made a decision. I bought the Krups Egg Cooker (now on sale for $25.33!). So far, it has met all my expectations for an egg cooker—the most important one being that it perfectly cooks eggs with the flip of a switch.

My sister bought the Cuisinart Egg Cooker (under $30), which she claims has changed her life and the life of her boyfriend for the better.

And, in case you were wondering, my mother still has not replaced her Henrietta Egg Cooker, though she mentions that it stopped working after fifteen years of faithful service, which is more than I can say for the un-recommended West End Egg Cooker.

Thus concludes this installment of the Egg Cooker Diaries. To be continued?


  1. another Josh says

    Hey, if it gets you the eggs you want then it’s probably money well spent. To expand on my comment on the previous post, I use a Black & Decker HS1050 7-Quart Food Steamer (currently priced about the same as your egg cookers on Amazon), as we steam rice and veggies as well as cook eggs. It doesn’t poach eggs like the egg cookers, at least not without some extra work, but it does give us flexibility to use it with other foods.

    This past weekend we set it up on the patio to keep the steam out of the house, put some brown rice in the rice bucket in the bottom basket and 6 eggs on the top basket. After 24 minutes in the steam the eggs were removed and some summer squash went in the top basket. The squash came off after 20 minutes, and after 55 minutes after the whole thing was started, the rice came off. The eggs and all the other food came out great. We’ve also used it for cooking beets, potatoes, artichokes, carrots, and some other things I’m forgetting.

  2. You guys are master steamers! I like this idea of bulk-cooking foods outside. We are thinking of getting a gas grill so we can grill vegetables outside in mass quantities. (See how I justify yet another new cooking appliance. . . .)

    Oh, I posted this article on Facebook and one of my friends told me he cooks eggs in a covered pot with just a few tablespoons of water! So basically he steams the eggs, but with no special contraption. I was intrigued, but now that I have my egg cooker, I probably won’t be testing it out.

  3. Thanks for the info, was weighing up whether or not invest in an egg cooker.

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