What are your water-saving tips?

Over the last few years we’ve made a few big changes in our water habits . . . but we haven’t seen these changes reflected in our water bill. What gives? Here are some of the things we’ve done:

We got a dishwasher. A dishwasher is supposed to use far less water than even the thriftiest hand washer. Or so they say.

We started using a drip irrigation system for our garden. It’s supposed to save water over a sprinkler or hose.

I love love love my automatic timer. It’s supposed to be better for the plants and save water, too.

We got an egg cooker. It counts for something, right?

An egg cooker uses just a few tablespoons of water to cook seven eggs, saving at least three quarts of water each time I use it.

We cut down on loads of laundry. Our daughter hasn’t worn diapers in years. So why is our water bill so high?

We also have a front-loading washing machine, which uses around 12 gallons per wash. Compare that to a top-loader, which uses around 40!

We never wash our child. And by “never” I mean, we don’t give her daily baths.

Washing your kid in a bucket saves at least fifteen gallons of water. (Conservative estimate.)

Last weekend we tightened up leaks and drips. Our washing machine had a slow leak that we finally fixed, and the bathtub faucet dripped a little, too. We also bought a dual-flush toilet conversion kit, though I suppose you have to install it before you start seeing any results.

Stay tuned–we may get around to installing this one of these days.

What else can we do to save water? Please don’t tell me to take two-minute showers. I don’t think I can handle it.

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