Can You Recommend a Natural Stain Remover?

Way in the dark ages of the Green Baby Guide, we had a little post containing our “toxic confessions.” I confessed to using Stain Stick on my laundry . While I’m happy washing my windows with vinegar and newspapers, scrubbing my floors with the pure power of steam, and polishing the silver with the elbow grease of eco-friendly elves, I never did find a replacement for Stain Stick. My one experience with a natural alternative ruined one of my shirts. So I continued using the Stain Stick. But I’m feeling that eco-guilt weigh down on me. Here are the options:

Ecover Stain Remover. No! Unfortunately, this is the natural stain remover that lightened some fabric on one of my favorite t-shirts.

Bac-out with Foaming Action Sprayer. I have heard many good things about Bac-out. Worth the $13.45?


Seventh Generation Stain Remover seems reasonable—only $7.19 for 50 ounces! But does it work?


I also found this Babyganics Stain Remover. But at almost $20, I feel like it would have to practically wash, dry, and fold my laundry in addition to removing a stain here and there.


What natural stain removers have you tried? Any recommendations?


  1. I have used and loved Ecover stain remover for years and haven’t found the need to try another. We have Bac Out for other types of stains and I’m pretty happy with that.
    Sad about Ecover lightening your shirt. I came here just to recommend that to you. There is this stain and odor remover I found at Whole Foods, it works okay. It’s a reasonable price. Like Bac Out I got it for floor stains, but it might work on clothes.

  2. Jessica P. says

    The above link is a “recipe” for a homemade laundry stain stick.I haven’t tried it yet, but it looks promising! I’ve loved everything I’ve found on that site so far. I never seem to have much of a problem with stains on clothes though, so I haven’t tried any store bought natural stain removers.

  3. The 7th Generation works GREAT on my kids clothes, even after stains get dried onto the clothing. Plus, it is a reasonable price and easy to find in my area.

  4. I use an old fashioned borax soap stick that I get from the farmers market. It will take anything out, including those oil stains on your clothes from messy little toddler fingers.

  5. I love Bac out! But I have never paid more than $8 for it. It is usually between $7 and $9 at most places. The Biokleen site usually has sales too.

  6. I am intrigued by all of your suggestions. Once the Stain Stick runs out, I have some thinking to do. Thank you all!

  7. I’ve had luck with food stains on clothes recently just using dishsoap. Before doing laundry, dab a little dishsoap on the stain, rinse, repeat as necessary.

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