Great Maternity Halloween Costumes

The pregnant skeleton maternity costume is one of my favorites, showing the skeleton of the fetus tucked inside of the mother. My friend made her own a few years ago, but Amazon is selling these Halloween Non-Maternity Pullover Hoodie Costumes for just 34.50. Since they aren’t specifically made to accomodate pregnant women, you’ll have to be early enough in your pregnancy for these to fit well.

If you’re showing a bit more, you can go for the maternity-sized skeleton and baby t-shirt, which is equally clever and a bit roomier in the belly region.

Of course thrift shops have incredible options beyond just the costume section. Rebecca scored this “Pregnant Eighties Lady” item in the dollar bin of her local secondhand store. Doesn’t she look dashing?

Some women paint their pregnant bellies as basketballs or pumpkins, but I happen to love these t-shirts by Cafe Press. They don’t require preparation of any kind, and you still come off as rather clever. I suppose that instead of buying anything you could just write any of these slogans on a white t-shirt with a sharpie or maybe make an iron-on decal. It will just get used once, right? The one below reads, “I’m dressed up as my mom.”

I love the dark humor of this last maternity t-shirt. It reflects how I felt about anything festive in those last grueling months of pregnancy. It reads, “I don’t do costumes. (now step aside, you’re standing on my invisible dog.)”

Do you have any creative costume plans that involve your pregnancy? We’d love to hear them!

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