Are you planning on tucking baby rutabagas or small zucchini into trick-or-treat bags to prevent tooth decay this year?

Here’s some great news, you can think outside of the box and choose some non-edible treasures for your trick or treaters. Pick a few of these ideas and toss them together into a giant bowl of goodies. Then let the princesses and vampires choose their own loot.

Stickers are cheap, fun, and will last far longer than a handful of sticky caramels.

Colorful pencils are another lasting bit of Halloween swag. Maybe they’ll even inspire a bit of art or early literacy!

Tattoos are always a thrill and are ridiculously inexpensive as well. The pirate pack of 36 costs just a little over three dollars. Not bad! (And these little trinkets will be especially popular children donning eye patches!)

How about rainbow colored band aids? Doesn’t that sound fun? And they may come in handy if any fairies slip on the sidewalk.

Play Dough also sells a bag of 15 small play doughs for about six dollars. Not bad!

If you’re dumping some of these goodies into a big bowl for kids to choose from, you may as well add in bits of household clutter that a child might adore. A beautiful glass marble, some old pennies, and maybe a few small discarded items that your child received in a birthday party goody bag long ago.

Have you tried the “treasure instead of treats” approach on Halloween? Did you have success? Thanks for sharing!