Black Friday Giveaway: Win Gluten-free Flours from Gluten-free Gourmand

When company founder Gina Kelley (my sister!) started eating a strict gluten-free diet six years ago, all she really wanted was a good scone.  After a year of trial and error – and baking scones once a week or more – her No. 1 All-purpose Flour was born. She added more flours and baking mixes to her collection, and earlier this year she opened her flour production company:

Here we are in 2005. Why 2005? Because for some reason I could not find a more recent photo of the two of us. Back then, Gina (left) was contemplating joining the Gluten-free Lifestyle.

If you or your child can no longer eat wheat due to a diagnosis of celiac disease or gluten intolerance, you need to try these flours out. Everything is blended by hand and produced in small batches. I made my first attempt at gluten-free baking with Gina’s pastry flour for Thanksgiving: I whipped up my old standby, the all-American apple pie. I was nervous to try a wheatless flour, but I followed my favorite crust recipe and simply substituted Gina’s flour for the wheat flour.

It was a success! I had to add a little  more water than usual to the recipe, but it rolled out just fine, browned up nicely in the oven, and–most importantly–tasted delicious.

New to gluten-free baking? Try the pancake mix.

Starting today on the Green Baby Guide, you can enter to win two flour mixes of your choice! You can enter up to three times. Here are the three ways to enter:


  1. Post a comment telling us which two flour mixes you want. Here are the options: Bread Flour; No. 1 All-Purpose Flour; No. 2 Deluxe Pastry Flour; No. 3 Scone Mix; Rustic Boule Bread Mix; No. 6 Pizza Dough; and the No. 8 Pancake Mix.

    Gluten-free pizza!
  2. Visit the Gluten-free Gourmand’s blog or store. Come back here and leave another comment, telling us what caught your eye.

    This just in: the No. 7 Artisan Bread Flour. Make your own gluten-free sandwich bread.
  3. Like us on Facebook—or like the Gluten Free Gourmand on Facebook. Come back here and tell us you did it, and you’ll be entered again.

We’ll choose three winners on Friday, November 30th. U.S. addresses only, please. Good luck!


  1. I would love to try teh all purpose flour and the pancake mix!

  2. great looking site, I liked the bakers kit!

  3. My granddaughter is Celiac, and I thought I had tried them all – but then I heard about yours! I’m really anxious to give this a shot as everything sounds so delicious. I would love to try the artisan mix and the rustic boule mix. I don’t usually get too hopeful about give-aways, but this time, I am!!!

  4. I took a look at the store and was impressed by the well-designed feel of it.

  5. I would like to try the all purpose flour and the pizza dough.

  6. I’m still new to GF baking. To be honest, I’m actually quite scared. So I’d want to keep things simple with #1 or #3 mixes.

  7. As for your site, I like your blogroll. With the visuals, you can get a feel for what others are writing about.

  8. Already a fan of Gluten-free Gourmand

  9. It is so hard finding a good gluten free flour mix! I would love to try making a good christmas pie!

  10. I would love to try the bread flour and the all purpose flour blend.

  11. I’d like to try the Boule bread mix and pancake mix. Since being diagnosed with severe gluten intolerance, little things like this can make a difference.

  12. I would like to try the scone mix!

  13. I liked Gluten Free Gourmand on FB!

  14. I like all the options on at the store. Great giveaway!

  15. Oh and I would like to try the bread flour.

  16. I liked Green Baby Guide on Facebook. I already like the Gluten-free Gourmand!

  17. I love the Teff Sandwich Bread recipe. I ‘ve made it several times and with different flours. It is delicious with oat flour too. 🙂

  18. I would love to try any of your flours. But would particularly love to try:
    no. 2 deluxe pastry flour
    no. 3 scone mix

    Because it sounds like Gina knows her scones! And I haven’t made anything GF that uses pastry flour yet.

  19. I also tweeted this blog post @Lambkintoques

  20. I just liked the Gluten-free Gourmand on Facebook and I’d love to try the pizza dough and the No. 1 all-purpose flour if I win the drawing, please. Thank you!

  21. I’d love to have the No. 3 Scone Mix and No. 8 Pancake Mix!

  22. The Gluten-free Gourmand’s Gluten-Free Baker’s Kit catches my eye 🙂

  23. I like Gluten-free Gourmand on Facebook.

  24. I’d like to try the all purpose flour and the pancake flour

  25. This is great info that I’m sharing with my friend Robin. Have you guys seen these share buttons? I use them on my blog, they are great!

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