Is A Wooden Toy Kitchen Worth It?

For awhile my daughter was quite content to play on her adorable little Alex Wooden Cook Top Playstove. It was a great value at about $30 and also took up just a small corner of her room. Glorious! Now she’s dreaming of a bigger, more luxurious environment in which to whip up imaginary cupcakes. Have you invested in a wooden play kitchen? Was it worth the money and space in your home?

I like the simplicity of the Melissa and Doug Cook’s Corner Wooden Kitchen. It’s smaller than some and costs under $100, but I wonder if its size would limit the span of years she’d be interested in it. Have you tried this one?

Kidkraft’s Red Retro Kitchen seems like it might hold her interest for a few more years and it’s still under $150. It’s not exactly simple, but perhaps the details would lead to more options for play.

My absolute favorite kitchen, is the Camden Rose Childs Cherry Wood Play Kitchen. It’s a heirloom piece of furniture that would surely last for several generations, but it is quite a bit more at about $350.

What has your experience been with toy kitchens. Did they hold your child’s attention? Did you find a glorious deal on Craigslist? Thanks for your advice!


  1. Ikea has a cute, relatively inexpensive kitchen that is also gender neutral. It was totally worth it for us. I also love their play pots and kitchen utensils. Plan toys also has some kitchens and washer dryer set.

  2. amy corinne says:

    We have the KidKraft Retro kitchen (in white, not red) and it’s great! We’ve had it for two years and it still looks new.

  3. I’d love a wooden kitchen but my son is very high energy and I am pretty sure he would destroy it by jumping on the stove door, as he does with the small plastic one we bought on craigslist. Since the Step2 one has held up well, and even my newly 1 year old and petite daughter has just about outgrown it, we are investing in a new one from Step2 that is large enough for both kids. I’ll probably hang onto it for future kids and then resell it. I plan on buying an extra set of stickers for it so that when we do sell it, it will look new and be worth more, then possibly hold up for at least 2 more families. We are the 4th owners of the little one we have now!

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