Do you make your own baby food?

I had visions of whirling up organic autumn blends of apples and squash for my babes. And I did, but not for every meal. I made huge batches of sweet potatoes and mashed bananas in my blender, froze them in ice cube trays, and then stored them in zip lock bags in the freezer. It was long process, but I loved reflecting on the fact that making baby food means saving about 90% over the cost of pre-made organic baby food and avoiding the environmental costs of packaging and processing. Still, working nearly full time, not getting enough sleep and having a relatively picky baby motivated to buy jars of organic baby food to save my sanity now and then.

Later, when Rebecca and I wrote, The Eco-nomical Baby Guide: Down-to-Earth Ways for Parents to Save Time and Money, I discovered (and included in the book) recipes for homemade teething biscuits and pumpkin pancakes. With my second child I got to try them out and she loved them, but I didn’t always have time to bake everything from scratch. And as we say in the book, it’s all about “progress, not perfection” so any effort was better than none!

Have you made your own baby food? What are some of your baby’s favorites? What is your favorite store-bought baby food?


  1. We used homemade baby food almost exclusively, except when traveling and/or camping. Breakfast was often mashed up banana or avocado (no cooking required). We also used the cook-puree-freeze method and I found it pretty easy to put on a pot of something to boil while I was cooking dinner…then I’d just puree it in a mini food processor and freeze it in ice cube trays. My daughter’s favorites were sweet potatoes pureed with chicken, apples, peas, green beans, and prunes. We only made baby food for about 3-4 months and then slowly transitioned to table food. Now, at a year old, she eats almost everything we eat….and she only has two teeth. That kid can gum just about anything!

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