We recently got a question from a reader about her drop-side crib:

I have a drop-side crib made in 2004, and the manufacturer does not offer an adaptor kit. I tried to access a link on your website for a kit available online ($10), but it could not display the page. Could you give me the website you have listed?
I searched around, and sure enough, it didn’t seem like anyone was selling a crib immobilizer kit that would work for any crib. All the articles I found said to check with the crib’s manufacturer. If your crib’s manufacturer doesn’t offer one, what are you to do? It’s currently illegal to buy or sell drop-side cribs. We’ve heard people weigh in with different perspectives: Some continue to use their drop-side cribs, others destroy their old drop-sides and buy new cribs for their second children.

If you can’t find a $10 immobilizer kit, I guess you could go ahead and buy this eco-friendly one for $900.

We used a drop-side crib for our baby (this was well before the ban). There was really no way for a baby to lower the sides herself, as the release mechanism was practically under the crib. If the ban had been enacted while my daughter was still sleeping in the crib, I have to admit I wouldn’t have bought a new one.

This Graco crib is more reasonable at $250. I am not sure why it showed up in my search for an “eco-friendly” crib other than the fact that it has a “smaller footprint” than other cribs and is therefore conducive to apartment living.

But let’s get back to our reader’s question: Do you know where to find a crib immobilizer kit if your crib’s manufacturer doesn’t offer one?