Losing the Baby Weight

I stepped on the scale after giving birth and was so excited that I had already lost 15 pounds. That was before I realized it was the baby and placenta I had lost, and that this trend was not going to continue. Now, more than three months later, the number on the scale still hasn’t budged.

My treadmill, gathering dust

My treadmill, gathering dust

I worked extra hard to stay fit during my pregnancy. Then the bed rest and recovery period, not to mention caring for a newborn, knocked me off my routine. So now any muscle I had has turned to mush after three months of doing nothing.

Falling off the exercise wagon is not new for me, as it happens every year. And then I get back into it a couple months later. But this spring I’m having a harder time getting back in gear. It doesn’t help that whenever little Franci cries for more than a minute, my stress level climbs and I reach for whatever sweet treat I have lying around.

So I’m turning to you, dear readers, for help. What did you do to loose the baby weight? I need some new tips!

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