Father’s Day Product Review: EO Products for Men

I’m a sucker for beauty products, and I usually stick with ones with plant based ingredients. EO Products have all the things I’m looking for: sodium laureth/lauryl sulfate free, no parabens, and pure essential oils.  I thought I’d review a couple of EO Products For Men just in time for Father’s Day.  The soap is a shampoo/shower/shave combo and the lotion is for hands/face/body and both come in a large pump.  So not only are they organic, but multi-use too!

I had my husband try out the EO Everyone Soap For Men so I could include a man’s perspective.  He said the scent was light enough that he didn’t notice it, and it got him clean enough.  He said that he had to use a lot of it, four pumps for his chin-length hair and three pumps for his body.  It wasn’t a deal breaker, but he only has to use one pump of the conventional soap and shampoo he normally uses. I tried it myself to see if I agreed, and I did have to use quite a bit more than my regular soap and shampoo.

Since I couldn’t get my husband to try the Eo Products Everyone Lotion for Men I used it myself. I really liked the Cedar and Citrus scent, since it was so light and not overly musky (like many men’s products). To put it to the ultimate test, I used it on my face at night after washing with my normal soap. I live in a high desert climate, so I usually use a thick moisturizer before bed. It went on very light, so I was skeptical. When I got up in the morning, my skin wasn’t even as dry as normal! So if your husband uses lotion, I recommend it (or if you like non-girly scents for yourself).

Upon closer inspection, I saw that both the soap and lotion contain calendula, which I’m really into these days because of its anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties and because it cured Frances’ diaper rash. I also liked that the lotion contained both coconut and sesame seed oils.

So if you need a last minute gift for the Dad in your life, these are a good choice!

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