White Noise Apps

Now that Francis is sleeping more at night, she’s having a harder time falling asleep for her nap.  Unless I’m carrying her around on my back, she fights sleep no matter how tired she is.  I didn’t mind too much until I hurt my back and carrying her meant my back never had a chance to heal.  Since a well rested baby is a happy baby, I needed to find another solution.

It wasn’t until another mom at my breastfeeding support group brought it up that I was reminded about white noise.  Of course!  Later that day when Frances started rubbing her eyes and getting inconsolably fussy that I downloaded a white noise app on my phone and gave it a whirl.  Let’s just say it worked like magic.

So far she only likes two of the sounds available on TMSOFT’s free White Noise Lite, and I wonder if it’s worth it to upgrade to the paid version.  Or maybe I should try a different app?

Do you use white noise apps to calm your fussy baby?  What app do you like best?


  1. Good idea! I used to use a small fan as white noise in the kids’ room and it worked very well.

  2. A fan is a great low-cost solution, since I already have a fan that’s not being used. I’ll try that next time I’m using my phone but need some white noise.

    The biggest drawback to the white noise apps is that you can’t use them if you’re talking on the phone.

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