This Summer’s Cutest Cloth Swim Diapers

Cloth swim diapers make those summer days at the beach so much easier…and cuter! After all, could a disposable swim diaper even try to approach the adorability of this Kushis Goldfish Swim Diaper? Not possible!

Even for parents who don’t primarily use cloth diapers, reusable swim diapers are a great option. Instead of blowing through an entire package of disposables in an afternoon at the lake, you can just swap out between a couple of swim diapers for years!

Swim diapers’ sturdy elastic bands seem to keep waste in more effectively than disposables as well. In fact, our local pools only allow cloth diapers in the water as they’ve had more leakage issues with disposables. Plus, swim diapers can also be used as training pants near the end of the diapering years.

If all of that isn’t enough reason to switch, just check out the patterns and prints!

Have you used cloth swim diapers with your child? Do you have any favorites?


  1. You mean I need more than one swim diaper? I would hate for a day at the pool to get cut short for not having a back up. We use the Charlie Banana you have listed and like it quite a bit. Has anyone used the adjustable ones? I wonder if I’d like it better or worse?

  2. It’s also worth noting that a lot of public pools require fabric swim diapers; i.e., disposable ones aren’t allowed.

  3. I did have two swim diapers and that seemed to be all we needed for our babies. We did have to do an occasional switch and pop the soiled diaper into the dry bag, but it’s almost exactly what we would do if we used disposables. Since both my children ended up using the two cloth swim diaper (one handed down the diapers to the other) it was totally worth the investment! But I bet you could really score some inexpensive secondhand swim diapers at the right consignment shop and get an even better value!

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