Library Reading Programs for Babies and Kids (+ Book Recommendations!)

Babies really need to get off their iPhones and crack open a good board book every once in a while, right? The Multnomah County Library agrees, which is I guess why they hold a summer reading program for babies, kids, and teens. Read to them, or have them read to themselves for fifteen minutes, a half hour, or an hour (depending on the age group), and they (or you) color in a space on the game card. Fill out so many squares, claim a prize. If your kids fill in the entire card, they get a T-shirt and a bigger, better prize. Last summer Audrey chose a book, but there were also coupons for local ice cream shops and passes for activities around the city.

They also have a great list of suggested books by age group. It’s kind of confusing to navigate this list, but I was able to find some good selections for my daughter under 2nd and 3rd grade fiction. I’m going to have to check out Ottoline and the Yellow Cat by Chris Riddell, Lady Lollipop by Dick King-Smith, and Toys Go Out by Emily Jenkins.

Audrey recently asked me to pick up a copy of Little Women. She read an excerpt in her copy of The Kingfisher Book of Great Girl Stories she’s had since birth, and she thinks she’s ready for it. We’ll see!

Great beach read for a seven-year-old

I just wish they had an adult program; my reading motivation has been flagging lately. Plus, I deserve a free ice cream cone, too!

Does your library have a summer reading program? Do you participate? Tell us about it! I also want to hear about the books your babies and kids are into these days.

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