When Frances went from co-sleeping to crib sleeping at about 6 weeks, I put her in a snuggle nest inside the crib. She had already spent a week or so in the snuggle nest because I wanted to make it an easy transition. She stayed in the snuggle nest for months mostly because she looked so small in that big crib, and it was easy to tuck a blanket around her bottom half without worrying she’d get caught up in it.

The past couple of nights she has scooted her way out of the snuggle nest and when I get her up in the morning she’s wedged into the corner of the crib. Not terribly so, but enough that I think it’s time to pull out the snuggle nest.

Last night I tried out the crib with no snuggle nest, but I forgot to put her in a sleep sack (she was in footed pj’s at the time and the house was pretty warm). By the time I went to bed it had cooled off and I was worried she’d get cold in the night. Not enough to wake her up and put her in a sleep sack, however. The internet told me to hold off on blankets until 12 months, so I left her uncovered.

My question is, at what age did you start using a blanket on your baby? Did you always put her in a wearable blanket until 12 months? She doesn’t move around a lot in her sleep (except for the last two nights in her snuggle nest) and she doesn’t roll over yet. Would you feel safe putting a light blanket on her?