How do you prevent diaper blow-out?

We’ve been having some issues with diaper blow-outs lately.  It’s not so much of a problem with the cloth diapers we use at home, but we use disposables when we leave the house.  This means that diaper blow-outs happen at the most inopportune times.

I thought the mess would be less if we switched to a different brand or a different size, but that didn’t seem to help much.  When a blow-out would really cause an inconvenience, like while driving in the car, we’ve started putting a large cloth diaper cover over the disposable.

Is there a better way?  How do you avoid a massive clean-up effort when traveling?


  1. Michele F says

    I’m not so much help as I just use cloth when I’m out of the house. I think the idea of using a cover is great!

  2. I use a disposable at night, whenever we have a big storm where the power might go out, and when we travel. That said, early on I used disposables whenever I changed my baby and we were out shopping or something local. As soon as I realized we weren’t having blowouts at home in cloth I began using cloth when we are out. I reuse plastic grocery bags for carrying home wet diapers instead of a wet bag. Also, I was having blowouts at home occasionally until I began using a Snappi with prefolds. Solid foods instead of a mother’s-milk-only diet helped too. It hasn’t been any kind of issue since she began solid foods. Good luck with that. It saves so much time and effort when blowouts aren’t happening all the time, oh the clothing stains!

  3. When we left the house this morning I left Frances in a cloth diaper because I really didn’t want a blow-out and she had just peed, so I wasn’t too worried about her sitting in a wet diaper. I pulled her out of the car seat 10 minutes later and she had blown-out her bumpkin! I think I better try again with a different cloth diaper.

    The other parents I talk to say their 4-5 month olds poop every other day, but Frances poops 3-4 times every day. Thank goodness for Oxyclean!

  4. Blow-outs are aggravating. I never had another one after we started using prefolds with a Snappi under a Flip cover (we use the ones with snaps). Tell us what you find that works for you.

  5. We haven’t had a blow-out in days. Yay! The bummis are the best covers for us, and we also went up a size in disposables. On top of it all, we started feeding Frances a little bit of solids and that has made everything a little less runny.

  6. I use cloth when out. The thought of trying to deal with disposables and find a garbage, etc. just sounds harder to me, lol! But, I think carseats create blowouts, especially with little ones. Now that we’ve moved to toddlerhood, it’s better, but carseat dirty diapers were always messy. That said, even the messy ones very rarely had blow outs. They were just really, really not fun to clean, lol.

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