Chia Seed Baby Food: Good Idea? Bad Idea?

With all the hype surrounding the health benefits of chia seeds, including here on the Green Baby Guide (check out this recipe for peanut butter chia seed balls), it got me wondering if babies could get in on the trend. It turns out, they can. Chia seeds are not known to contain allergens or other ingredients harmful to youngsters.
gluten free gourmand chia seed
Photo from The Gluten-free Gourmand

If you’re interested in concocting some chia seed baby food of your own, check out these Chia Seed Baby Food Purees over at Hello Bee. If you haven’t discovered Hello Bee already, check it out! She has a lot of great baby food ideas and great food photography, too. (She makes a spoonful of pureed pees look like a work of art.)

Second on the Google search results for baby food using chia seeds was this article: Can I Give My Baby Chia Seeds? In this article, the conclusion is that babies can get the benefits of chia seeds when the mother eats them herself and then imparts the nutrition to her baby through her breast milk. The article claims that most of the time, “you don’t need to give your baby any supplements like this.” I found this advice a bit odd, as I wouldn’t consider chia seeds a “supplement” so much as a food in its own right. For someone like me, who was always thinking up ways to boost my daughter’s baby food (see my ancient article Fattening Baby, Naturally), chia seeds could have made a valuable addition to her diet.

What do you think? Have you introduced chia seeds to your baby’s diet? Would you?


  1. I looked this up last month when looking into baking teething cookies. I also discovered that quinoa is safe for babies.

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