Baby’s First Food

Audrey's first bite

Audrey’s first bite

Frances turns five months this week so we’ve been thinking a lot about her first food.  After reading an article about Diabetes Tied to Timing of Baby’s First Solid Food, it got me thinking about introducing food before six months. It’s hard to know what’s best when there’s so much “research” out there!

We finally came up with a compromise: she gets her first food when she can sit in her highchair without slumping to either side. She’s pretty close to this milestone, so it shouldn’t be too much longer.

There are so many first foods to choose from, but I think we’ve settled on avocado. I still haven’t worked out all the details, but I want to make sure and present each new food in all the different ways possible (fresh, cooked, mashed, chopped, mixed with breastmilk, etc.).

I was talking with Rebecca and it turns out that avocado was Audrey’s first food too.  Maybe we can re-create this photo of her!

When did you first offer solid food and which food was it?


  1. Elizabeth Turnbeaugh says

    We started solids at 4 and 1/2 months because Harper started drinking 20+ oz during a nine hour day at daycare. Her first food was sweet potatoes.

  2. Coriander formerly known as Joy but using alias to avoid confusion says

    Avocado at five months was our second child’s first food too. Best vegetable ever. We dove right into a wide variety of other steamed veggies after that, with a bit of butter and then some herbs for variety. We skipped baby cereals, they’re just cardboard flakes nutritionally. I food-processed organic toasted oatmeal before cooking. So much more texture and actual oatmeal taste. Brown rice was good that way too. It’s so fun feeding babies new foods. Well, if they’re happy about it.

  3. We almost went with sweet potatoes, but decided on avocado mushed up with some breastmilk. She made lots of faces the first two days, but now is so excited when she sees it coming.

    Coriander, thanks for sharing your tips on oatmeal and rice! I will give your method a try. We’re not going to bother with baby cereals for the same reasons as you. She might as well get a wallop of nutrition with her first meals!

  4. We did the same thing as Coriander with the oatmeal! I don’t remember toasting it, though. We just ground up rolled oats in the food processor and cooked it. We added a frozen cube of homemade baby food to it–black beans, kale, whatever! Audrey ate all sorts of things . . . as an infant.

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