Infant Sippy Cups

We’re still figuring out how this whole solid food thing is going to happen.  We’re leaning towards baby led weaning, since that seems to mean that we don’t cook separate food for her.  My parents rave about the food mill they used when I was little, but I can’t seem to find one that’s any good.  For now, I think I’m just going to smash everything up with a fork.

We have our spoons at the ready, since that was the one thing Franci’s dad registered for when we had a baby shower.  I don’t think we’re going to buy any plastic plates or bowls at this point, which we might regret.  Our kitchen floor is linoleum so everything seems to bounce off it instead of break.

I would like to find a good sippy cup, however.  Frances doesn’t care too much about her bottle, so I think we might as well move right to sippy cups so I can serve her soups a la French Kids Eat Everything.

What’s your favorite sippy cup?  I’m ready to go buy one, but I want some recommendations first!


  1. Big vote for baby led weaning here. Didn’t do it with our son but are doing it with our daughter. At 11 months she literally eats everything we do. It’s fantastic and we really enjoy that we all eat together and someone isn’t stuck spoonfeeding the baby.

    As for cups, we love our Nuk Learner cups- easy to use, easy to wash, and cute too!

  2. I second Emily’s vote on both parts. Baby led weaning is definitely the way to go, so much easier. I did very little spoon-feeding and I loved that part of it as well! Plus the kids learned to use utensils very early and, even though it was messy, it was nice for them to have that independence at such young ages.

    I think we used some sippy cups by Playtex that were pretty good. Also don’t be afraid to try a straw sippy cup, my youngest got the hang of that at only 10 months and it was nice because then she could use a straw to drink water at a restaurant, etc.

  3. Hi,

    Sippy cup: We have gone through sooo many!

    The brand that wins: Tommy Tippee! from sippy to straw.

    Our one year old loves his straw cup and helps himself to water whenever he needs it – great that he can now also use a straw when we are out!


  4. I totally agree with the baby led weaning. And I second the no plastic plates too. Instead of putting food on a plate just put it straight onto the high chair.

    As for the sippy, we started off with, and still use, the Kid Basix Safe Sippy2. And once they are older and can use a straw I highly recommend Nuby No Spill Easy Grip Cup. It honesty doesn’t leak! I would never have purchased them for myself because of the plastic, but they are my favorite sippy now.

  5. Thanks for all the good tips! I’m going to give your recommendations a try.

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