Amber Teething Necklace Giveaway

Win this necklace!

Win this necklace!

Everywhere I go I see toddlers and younger wearing amber teething necklaces.  Since Frances is entering the “teething zone”, I became fascinated by this new trend.  Well, new to me anyway.  Not only have people in Europe been using these forever, but Rebecca posted about it back in 2010!

(For those of you who haven’t heard of amber teething necklaces, the theory is this: amber contains succinic acid, a natural pain reliever and anti-inflammatory that’s supposedly absorbed into your skin. The child is not supposed to chew on the necklace, a common misconception.)

After asking everyone I knew about their experiences, I decided I must try one for myself.  I didn’t come across a single mom who didn’t rave about the reduced drool and, although it’s pretty hard to communicate with a baby, these moms were convinced the baby’s discomfort was lessened as well.  That’s good enough for me!

Then I noticed a mom wearing one around her own neck.  When I asked about it, she said she’s had neck pain from nursing for months and that the amber necklace seemed to alleviate the sharp pains.  What’s more, her husband told me that when he wears one around his wrist, his whole arm felt more relaxed.  Since I’ve been having wrist pain from nursing, I decided I should try a bracelet for myself.


Franci’s raw amber necklace

Franci and I haven’t been wearing our amber for long, so the verdict is still out on our success.  However, we’ve decided to do a giveaway for an amber necklace from Amberbeata!

Amberbeata teething necklaces come in several colors and styles and have a sturdy screw-style clasp.  Each bead is knotted so that the whole string won’t come unravelled if it breaks. The bracelets and necklaces come with a certificate of authenticity so you know you’re getting real amber.

Whether you’re loving your current amber necklace but want something more stylish, or if you want to try out this natural remedy for yourself, you can enter our giveaway up to four times.

Each comment counts as a single entry:

  • Simply post a comment – any comment! – and you’re entered in our contest
  • Like The Green Baby Guide on Facebook (then post another comment telling us you did)
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  • Visit the Amberbeata website, come back and post a comment here on The Green Baby Guide saying what jewelry you like best

Remember, each comment you leave (up to four comments) is another entry! Winners will receive the pictured Amber Teething Necklace.

This contest ends on Tuesday, August 27th, and is only open to U.S. Residents.


  1. My LO wears one daily, but I’d love one for my nursing neck pain. Never thought to do that before!

  2. I like you on FB

  3. These are gorgeous!

  4. I like the green baby guide on facebook

  5. I like amberbeata on facebook

  6. I do love the green amber and sterling silver link bracelet! Although I think my favorite is still all the teething necklaces! They are so cute!

  7. Jennifer Adams says

    Great contest with two great companies!

  8. Jennifer Adams says
  9. Juley Adolfae says

    I have tried the hazelwood necklace for my baby but I would love to try the amber!

  10. Love love love my amber beads 🙂

  11. Tiffany Rose says

    I love amber and the natural properties that alleviate pain! 🙂

  12. Tiffany Rose says

    Wow! Gorgeous jewelery! I love too many pieces…… Amber Cross, South Sea Pearls
    if I had to name just one… B-)

  13. Already like the green baby guide and share it with others when I get the chance.

  14. Liked Aberbeata on FB.

  15. WOW! What a collection of amber and other beautiful jewelry. Hard to pick just one. They’re all so amazing and gorgeous. I really do like the multi-colored amber necklaces for babies. Wondering if there are beneficial properties for the other stones that are included.

  16. Those are beautiful!

  17. This is my entry 🙂

  18. Liked Green Baby Guide 🙂

  19. can’t edit my last comment- I meant Liked Amberbeata! 🙂

  20. The cherry amber and sterling symbol heart pendent is beautiful!

  21. linda trinklein says

    Awesome giveaway! Thank u

  22. linda trinklein says

    I like the green baby guide on facebook
    Thank you!!!!

  23. linda trinklein says

    I like amberbeta on facebook!!

  24. linda trinklein says
  25. Rachel DeHart says

    I’d like to win

  26. Rachel DeHart says

    I like Cherry Amber and Sterling Silver, Heart-Shaped Pendant- Catalog page 23

  27. Rachel DeHart says

    I like Amberbeata on facebook

  28. Rachel DeHart says

    I liked The Green Baby Guide on Facebook

  29. Chris DeHart says

    that necklace would be so cute on my baby girl

  30. I have heard such great things about these necklaces! Would love to try them out!

  31. I also liked “The Green Baby Guide” on Facebook!

  32. I’m excited to try one for my daughter.

  33. I am expecting and would love to try for my little one Thanks

  34. I liked The Green baby guide on facebook

  35. I liked Amberbeata on facebook

  36. I love the Butterscotch Amber and Onyx teething necklace

  37. I know people that use this and they say it works for their baby. Awesome!

  38. I liked Amberbeata and this was some of the jewelry I liked: Cherry Amber and Sterling Silver Earrings – Catalog page 19 Beautiful!

  39. I liked the Green Baby page on FB

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