Going Back to Work

Working MotherEven before I got pregnant I knew I wanted to be a stay-at-home mom, at least until the kids start kindergarten.  But when opportunity came a-knockin’, I couldn’t say no!  I’m not going back full time, I told myself.  It’s just a few hours a week.  Well, today is my first day and I’m feeling a little unprepared.

I must have been in denial about being away from Frances, because I only have a few ounces of milk saved up.  And that is the extent of my preparations.  I’m sure there are other things I’m supposed to be doing.  I probably should type up a list of emergency numbers, for example.  What else am I forgetting?  I could definitely use some advice!

What did you do to prepare before going back to work?


  1. What is this job?!

  2. Elizabeth Turnbeaugh says

    In the beginning I would feed Harper right before I left or pump on my way to work, then at lunch time and once again at 4ish. Relax while you are pumping, try not to focus on work. Look at a picture of your little one. I also have heard that taking a pair of your baby’s pajamas can help. Remember to drink water and get plenty of calories. Mother’s Milk seemed to work for me. Hope that helps some. Good luck with the new job.

  3. Thanks, Elizabeth! I was at the breastfeeding group last night and a few of the moms suggested “Pumping Power Hour” where I watch tv for an hour, taking breaks during the commercial break. I’m so glad to get all this good advice!

    Rebecca, I’m teaching Intermediate Algebra at the community college. It’s just one class that meets twice a week, but I have to create my own syllabus and materials. This week is orientation so I have to be there all day, which I only found out about last week! So I’ve been scrambling with having enough milk for my mom, who is watching Frances for me.

  4. Starting a new job is stressful, especially the “firsts”: first interview, first orientation, first day, etc. If you were feeling a bit unprepared, Michele, you didn’t show it! But I’m sure you experienced a lot of emotions.
    Since I was the lucky one who got to take care of Frances, it really helped me that you wrote down information like feeding times, usual nap times, signals to look for when she was ready for a nap, and fun things to do. We had a great day!

  5. Oh, I was in the exact same boat then! I think I took no more than two weeks off after giving birth. Since I was teaching just one class at the time (I think?), I didn’t have to pump a whole day’s worth of milk. Andy worked from home when I had to leave to teach, but that ended up not being a great idea. The next school year we had Audrey go to a home daycare on my teaching days.

    I’ll bet once the orientation and first week of classes is over, you will be able to establish a routine and it will be easier. Lucky that your mom is available to babysit! But what will you do when she has to go back to work, too?

  6. Rebecca, my class is from 4-5:15, which is a perfect time for us. I’ll do office hours until 6pm, so I won’t be gone more than 5 hours a week. My mom is working half time this school year, but could actually be at our house in time (if absolutely necessary) on days that she does teach. My husband works from home, so he’ll watch Frances when he’s in town and my mom will come help him if he has a meeting or a big project. Plus, my aunt Penny just offered to baby sit if we need help.

    Next year I hope to take advantage of the 10 hours a week Frances could be in the Childhood Development Center at the college. It has a great reputation, but it’s hard to get into!

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